Cost To Ship A Car

  • Cost To Ship A Car

Cost to Ship a Car

It is clear that it’s cheaper to ship a car than to drive it to another state. It saves money and time, and stress as well. But another question is: how much does it cost to ship a car? It is important for us to choose a car shipping company that can offer a good price.

cost to ship a carDon’t forget that the lowest prices are a red flag. Sometimes it is a way for a car transport company to make you book to raise the price later. Other times it’s how a new car transporter tries to get new clients. Beware, inexperienced auto transport companies can bring a lot of stress and even damage to your car.

The cost to ship a car always depends on several factors. Let’s see what these factors are.


What affects the cost to ship a car?

The first thing the price of car transport is a type of car itself. Its type and size, and also the fact if it is operable or not. The bigger size vehicle is more expensive to ship. If a car doesn’t roll, break or steer, the cost will also rise. Special tools are needed to load and unload inoperable vehicles.

Another important factor is the distance. Obviously, a greater distance will make the price to ship a car go higher. Also some routes are more common and therefore cheaper. It’s easier to find car carriers for them.

It also matters how fast you need to ship your car. If your auto shipping needs to be done ASAP, it will increase the cost. That is why it is always wiser to plan ahead. Contact a car shipping company at least 2 weeks prior the desired date to your pick up. This will help you get the dates you need without overpaying for express car shipping.

The method of car transport also affects the cost to ship a car greatly. There are two methods you can choose from: open car transport and enclosed auto transport.

Open car transport is known as the most common method to ship a car. Vehicles are transported in an open trailer which many people prefer because it costs less. It is also easier to book.

Another method is enclosed auto transport. It is perfect for classic, sport or exotic cars. With this method, vehicles are shipped in an enclosed trailer. They are protected from road dirt and weather. It’s a premium service and raises the price of auto shipping.


Cost to Ship a Car with Global Auto Transportation

We will be happy to assist you with a quote to ship your car. Our agents will discuss all the options with you to make sure you are getting the best service. We promise you to do our best to get you the best rate. We also provide special discounts for our clients.

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