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Let me introduce our Auto Transport company!

Global Auto Transportation is a leading auto transport company and one of the top auto movers in the industry. Since 2006 we have been a trustworthy car transporter helping our clients move their vehicles across the country. Having started as a husband and wife business, we have managed to become one of the top car transport companies on the American market. We used to run our business from a garage, and now we work from our new office in Burbank, providing our customers with top-notch services. Our team is proud to stand among the five best car movers in the market.



Our company cares a lot about our customer service. We will do everything to make car shipping simple and stress-free for you. Global Auto Transportation live agents will get you through every step of auto transport. You can be sure that with us your vehicle is in the best hands. We also inspect our trucks often and do everything possible to keep our customers happy.


Global Auto Transportation ships all kinds of vehicles all across the United States. For us, it is not a problem to get your car even to Hawaii or Alaska. Door-to-door is a standard way of delivery we provide. We also offer great rates for our car shipping services and always have discounts!


On our website, you can get a quote for your car transport. You can browse our website from any device! At Global Auto Transportation we do our best to make sure everything works in the most convenient way for you. And of course, we have all the proper licenses. Not to mention, we provide insurance like any auto shipping company is obliged.

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Our company provides a wide range of vehicle shipping services. We can ship all kinds of vehicles, starting with cars and ending with trucks and boats. Wherever you need your car shipped, be it from New York to Los Angeles, or from Florida to Arizona, Global Auto Transportation will make it happen. Our company works with all kinds of customers, including auto dealers and big companies.

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