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It is apparent that it’s better to ship a car when you are going away. Maybe you’re leaving for a long time, maybe you are going away for good. Either way, if the distance is great, it is never a good idea to move a car when you’re going far away. It takes a lot of time and it is dangerous out the on the roads. It makes you spend too much on gas.  That is why it is always a better idea to try and find dependable car carriers to ship your car for you.

Of course, it will take some research to do that. Be careful, as there are many car transporters who are just scam. You will think you are paying less but in the end, they will raise up the price. Or some car shippers are just unreliable due to the lack of experience. You may end up waiting for your car delivery. There’s even a chance your car will get some damage if you work with unreliable car shippers. Make sure you have researched the company and read auto transport reviews.


If you are looking for trustworthy car transporters, you have found them. Global Auto Transportation has been shipping cars and other vehicles since 2006. Our car movers are some of the most reliable in the country. We have proven we can be trusted with our work. Our auto carriers travel the safest routes and provide insurance for the vehicles they ship. We ship nationwide. Choosing Global Auto Transportation, you can be sure that your car is in safe hands with a crew of experts.

There are two types of car shippers. Global Auto Transportation works with both of them to provide clients with options for their Auto Transport. These are open car carriers and enclosed car carriers. With Global Auto Transportation both options are perfectly safe. But still, there are reasons we provide both types of car transporters. Different clients have different needs, and so do their cars.


Open Car Carriers

It’s a great option when you’re looking to save money. It is the most affordable way to ship your car. Open car shippers ship car on open trailers. It is just as safe but your car will get some road dirt and flies during the shipping and will be also exposed to weather. Still, it’s a great option that gives you a chance to save money and gets you a quicker car delivery. Most of our clients ship with open car carriers.


Enclosed Car Carriers

Enclosed car movers are the best choice for services like exotic car transport or classic auto shipping. Your car is shipped in an enclosed trailer. It has maximum protection from road dust and weather. Enclosed car haulers are pricier but they ensure special care. This option is for the cars that need the most special vehicles.



To ship with the most dependable car shippers, just call GAT. We will arrange your Auto Transport for you.

Get a free quote on our website. We are also always happy to hear from you and answer your questions!


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