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Car Shipping Services

Global Auto Transportation is specialized in car shipping services. We provide both great car shipping services AND great rates. When we ship your car, we can guarantee its protection and safety. Our experience of shipping different kinds of vehicles over the years allows our customers trust our services. Also, we provide all kinds of car transport. If you need the safest auto transport, we advise you to choose our enclosed car transport. While this is a slightly more expensive option, it is the best quality car transport. If you need a lower price for car shipping, you might prefer open car transport.

Enclosed Car Shipping Services

Our Enclosed Car Shipping services gives your car the best protection. It means that your vehicle will be shipped completely covered, so your car is protected from weather conditions, road debris, and any other possible harm. Although this option costs a little more, it is worth the expense! This is especially recommended for luxury or exotic cars. GAT knows how to provide the most protective services for you.

Open Car Shipping Services

Our Open Car Shipping services are usually the least expensive option! It is very commonly used with our customers. During open car shipping, we use open-air trailers that are attached to a two-level trailer, to carry two rows of cars. Sometimes, customers worry about the safety of their vehicles during this type of transport. But, there is actually very little risk of damage! While the cars are exposed to weather and road debris, our shipping process is secure and safe. Also, we work with fully approved and licensed trucks and we have cargo insurance, which means insurance for your vehicle during the shipment. Our drivers know how to handle every type of vehicle during the shipment process.

All of our services are offered to customers with Door-to-Door transport, making the process that much easier and convenient.

You can read more about all the services we offer here on our website or contact us for more information. We look forward to working with you on all your shipping needs at GAT!

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