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Vehicle Moving

Vehicle moving is one of the services that are in high demand today. The industry is growing, and there are more and more options for the customers. It is not just cars people move. You can move any kind of vehicle across the whole country and it is really simple when you work with good car carriers.

Vehicle Moving

Vehicle transport is affordable and used by many people and companies. The price for it depends on several factors. First of all, it is the type and the condition of the vehicle. Auto shipping for inoperable cars is pricier. Obviously, the route affects the price a lot. The distance is important, as well as how common the route is for auto transport. There are also two methods of auto moving. Open auto shipping is the cheaper one, and enclosed car transport is better for exotic vehicles.


Types of Vehicle Moving

Car Transport

Car shipping is the most common type of vehicle transport. It’s popular among both businesses and individuals. Car moving is the easiest way to move a car for a long distance. It is also quite affordable. One of the types of car transport is classic car transport. It is usually done using enclosed car shipping.


Dealer and Auction Car Transport

Car carriers help car dealers and auctions ship sold vehicles to buyers. This type of shipping can also be booked by a buyer. It is also good for online auctions so the buyer doesn’t need to go pick up a car him- or herself.



Commercial Transport

Various businesses regularly use this type of vehicle transport. They ship trucks and buses, limos and trailers, and other types of commercial vehicles. Sometimes you need to move several vehicles at the time, and that is also possible. Vehicle shipping is a useful service for many companies.


Military Equipment Shipping

Not every auto moving company can provide this type of vehicle transport. Still, there are reliable car movers who can do it for you. Choose carefully. It is a special kind of vehicle moving that requires special tools to be done. There are also many details about shipping to bases. Make sure you have discussed it all with a company.


Global Auto Transportation Vehicle Moving

Global Auto Transportation will be happy to help you with any kind of vehicle shipping. Our skilled crew knows how to deal with any vehicle. We have been in the industry since 2006. Global Auto Transportation make your vehicle moving easy and stress-free. Our rates will also please you!


To get a free quote for your vehicle shipping, fill the form on our website or call our office. Our agents will be glad to help you!

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