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5 dead, and 2 injured at Tehama County School

You are currently viewing 5 dead, and 2 injured at Tehama County School
school auditorium entrance
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Five people were killed and two children were hospitalized because of the shooting on Tuesday morning. The shooting started at a home and moved to an elementary school in Tehama County. The sheriff’s department said that the shooter was also killed by law enforcement.


Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston said multiple shots were fired about 8 a.m. at Rancho Tehama School on the outskirts of Corning.


Johnston said “I know that we have (airlifted) a number of students. I know that the school’s been cleared. I know that we have children that were attending school in a safe location at this time.”

An employee with the Corning Unified School District said there were reports of an active shooter at the school. In addition, there were confirmed injuries.


Officers are investigating at least five scenes in and around the school.


No other details have been released.


KCRA has a team on the way to the scene.


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