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How to become a female truck driver?

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For a long time truck driving was seen as a purely man’s job. Today getting a Commercial Driver’s License can be a beginning of a successful career for anyone, women or men – especially now when the industry experiences a growing shortage of drivers. The stereotypes are becoming the thing of the past, and more people start to see that this job, like any other, is about being professional and having the right work ethic. It is never about the gender.


If you are a woman considering a job in trucking, we have some tips for you to have a great career and a positive experience working as a truck driver.


  1. Confidence

This is probably a tip not just for being a successful female truck driver, but for any kind of career. To achieve your goals, no matter what they are, you should believe in yourself. Take all the chances and don’t give up on something just because you are afraid you might fail. You can be just as good of a truck driver as a man, and don’t let anything make you think otherwise.


  1. Get all the help you can

You don’t have to do this on your own. There are various organizations and resources, such as Women In Trucking, committed to helping female truck drivers. They can provide you with lots of useful information and give you the knowledge that will help you succeed in becoming a good truck driver.


  1. Choose the right training school

Your way to getting a Class A CDL will start with training. It is important to find a training school where you will be treated with respect and gain the required skills. It is a good idea to look for a school that has both women and men working for it. This way, you will more likely get the support that you need and find the answers for your questions from a female perspective. But even if there is no school like that in your area, it does not mean you can’t get a great training.


Stay confident, look for good advice and great training. We wish you good luck with becoming a professional truck driver!

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  1. David C

    This is a great article for both men and women. I’m glad that they’re encouraging women to pursue their dreams, no matter what they may be!

  2. gen

    This is great and super encouraging. Trucking is an amazing business to get in to.

  3. Ginger

    Very impressive article. This is just the inspiration that I needed to get started in a career that I have always wanted to do, but thought it was a mans world. I know now, being a female, I have the same opportunity of success in this field as any man would.

  4. Ronan Carson

    Amazing blog and very informative. thanks for this information I do accept as true with all of the ideas you have presented in your post.

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