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California Driven to Get More Electric Vehicles on the Road

You are currently viewing California Driven to Get More Electric Vehicles on the Road
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Did you know that California has the biggest stockpile of electric cars in the United States? It’s true. Not only that, but it’s probably even a bigger share than you’d imagine. In fact, California possesses around 50 percent of the 1 million electric cars that have been purchased in the United States. This includes plug-in hybrids.

In 2018, full electric, as well as hybrid cars, represented 8 percent of passenger vehicle car sales in the state of California. The Tesla Model 3 was largely responsible for these sterling numbers. Its sales totaled over 50,000 in the state. Additionally, the Tesla Model S and X, and the Chevy Bolt combined for around 10,000 in sales.

So, this begs the question, why is California a leader in electric car sales? The most obvious reason is the California policy stating that car manufacturers must sell electric cars in the state. And, because of its success in getting electric cars on the road, California is considering instituting this policy for trucks.

Trucks and buses comprise about 7 percent of the vehicles on California roads. However, they also represent 20 of global warming emissions as well as 40 percent of smog-forming nitrogen oxide emissions generated from the world of transportation.

New Legislation

Just recently the California Air Resources Board released a new version of a policy that would essentially mandate the same idea for trucks as it did for normal cars. Basically, it would set zero-emissions sales targets. Adoption of this policy could remake the truck sector entirely. It would shift it from being fueled by diesel to one driven by electricity and hydrogen.

This concept has been subject to workshops and intense study for over two years. As it stands, it will be examined an additional year before it gets voted on.

What do you guys think? Is this a good idea? Is it important for California to be at the forefront of reducing global warming emissions?

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