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Candidates For The 2024 U.S. Presidential Election, Thus Far

You are currently viewing Candidates For The 2024 U.S. Presidential Election, Thus Far
Biden and Trump aren't the only candidates in the running for 2024.
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2024 is shaping up to be a very hotly-anticipated presidential race. Besides the obvious face-off that may occur between Former President Donald J. Trump and Current President Joseph R. Biden, there’s also the surprising quantity of Republican candidates in comparison to the lacking number of Democrats, so far. In addition, the one legacy tie, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., has identified as an Independent candidate, much to disgust of his family. All of this is to say, we ought to break down who are each of the candidates.

Who are each of these seventeen candidates running for the same role?

Joe Biden, Democrat

The current president is supposedly going to go for a second term. The real question is whether or not he will be able to ride off his responses to the conflict between the Ukrainian and the Russian forces, not to mention his handling of the still updated conflict between the Israeli and the Palestinian players as of days ago. What’s more is that he’s just as deep in trouble as Trump is when regarding his possession of secretive files of the government. We’ll see if he has enough of breath to continue being the eldest President.

Donald Trump, Republican

The loathsome and ever-elusive Donald Trump continues to be the belle of the ball to the ignorant majority, and ever the threat to the wisest minority. After the raid in Mar-A-Lago, his reputation is all but unwilling. Tarnished, that’s for sure. If the government won’t accept him, the swath of his loyal fanbase will be more than happy to, regardless of his fellow party-members not quite accepting his presence.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Independent

The nephew of the famous President John F. Kennedy sure is going off the beaten path. Disgraced as he is for going against the grain for his anti-vaccine advocacy began with running for the Democratic nomination. Mere months later, he decided to declare as Independent due to his controversial ties to sympathizing with Nazi Germany and believing vaccines of all years are to blame for autism.

Ron DeSantis, Republican

The Florida Governor is oh-so-eager to approach the big-boy table. But chances are, he won’t secure as much of a vote, outside of the South Eastern United States. So for him to be a threat is as equal as to say that Trump won’t consider him as a running mate over Pence.

Cornel West, Independent

The Professor of Philosophy at Union Theological Seminary has been critical of former President Barack Obama, and certainly recognizes that at his future age of 72 on Inauguration Day 2025, that he’ll be running as an Independent, in respect to abandoning the Green Party and even ditching Bernie Sanders’ old haunt, the People’s Party.

Cenk Uygur, Democrat

Basically, a YouTuber who thinks that just because he runs a progressive talk show, that he has the gall to run in the next election and overpower Joe Biden, let alone Donald Trump. No hope is to be had for this individual.

Chris Christie, Republican

The governor of New Jersey is well known to be handling his own grief after failing to secure a vote in 2016. All while shedding his skin in the supposed heroism that he had with the recovery of Hurricane Sandy. Who’s to say the man can’t save some face by governing over New Jersey before even thinking about ruining the whole of the United States?

Nikki Haley, Republican

The Past Governor of South Carolina believes herself to be a shoe-in just because she is the daughter of Indian immigrants. Haley sees herself as a rising Republican who believes she will be the savior we need, just because she removed the Confederate battle flag from the Capitol building in South Carolina.

Vivek Ramaswamy, Republican

Money can’t buy happiness. But can it buy presidency? This anti-woke entrepreneur has been well-recognized as a right-wing activist who would only want to continue advancing the political and social causes that he so advocates.

Perry Johnson, Republican

This piece of work is nothing special. He ran for the Republican nomination for Michigan’s governor in 2022, where he ultimately came short of being official after only acquiring 60% of valid signatures. Still, he’s hoping to cut off 2 cents for every dollar he spends in flailing to the top.

Marianne Williamson, Democrat

It’s not only Republicans that think that see themselves as likely to accept Presidency. This self-help author is hoping to get it on the second run around as she supports slavery reparations, while debunking medical theories and giving more assistance to Americans, just like she did to Oprah Winfrey.

Asa Hutchinson, Republican

The two-term governor left his job in January but not necessarily to support former President Donald Trump. Hutchinson has been adamant to overturn Trump.

Larry Elder, Republican

Governor Gavin Newsom defeated Elder and since then Larry has been running a very self-suggested talk radio. Throughout the recall campaign, Elder has been focusing on crime and his own opposition to pandemic mitigation measures.

Ryan Binkley, Republican

He sees himself as the president of mergers and the acquisitions firm, who as well, has been the pastor of a church in Texas,.

Tim Scott, Republican

The Black Republican senator has been beyond loud on matters and race. But the man is still going through his own struggle with understanding how to fight structural racism in the U.S.A. while also balancing his perspective on conservative values.

Mike Pence, Republican

This guy has no chance. The fact that he was supportive of the insurrection on January 6th shows him to be an unreliable presence in American politics. There’s more hope to be had in the unknown.

Doug Burgum, Republican

Being a governor of North Dakota doesn’t quite make for a proper candidate for President of the United States of America. So to say that Burgum will be able to handle the nation just because he sold his company to Microsoft is a stretch too far.

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