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Capitol Riots: Divisions get in the way of Finding the Answers

You are currently viewing Capitol Riots: Divisions get in the way of Finding the Answers
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Capitol riots continue to perplex lawmakers as there are more questions than answers surrounding it. Lawmakers on January 6th did in fact face threats from rioters as they stormed (oooh!) the Capitol to literally stop the certification of President Joe Biden’s election victory (yeah right…).

Capitol Riots: Six Months Later

Now, six months later, much about the deadly attack continues to remain unsolved as political tensions reach new heights. This is in regard to the day and how to investigate it. So going forward to thus prevent future threats to Congress.

Capitol Riots Anniversary

This past Tuesday marked six months since the Capitol riots broke out in response to the “normal” democratic process held after a presidential election to certify the Electoral College results. There was nothing “normal” surrounding the blatant theft of former President Donald Trump again being voting into office with 70 million-plus votes from the public. What got the negative attention and mainstream media salivating was lawmakers having to evacuate as the “mob” smashed windows, breached the building, and stormed the chambers and offices. In fact, many people did die during and after the attack. That included a rioter shot by police for trying to enter the House chamber and two officers.

Donald Trump is Cast as the “Enemy”

The House voted to impeach former President Donald Trump for “incitement of insurrection.” This was a week after the riot. The House cited his rally hours earlier about stopping the certification. Freedom of speech and the public came out in droves of millions to vote for him again! Fortunately, he was later acquitting by the Senate. Federal officers have gone and made hundreds of arrests while since then. Then the Congress had initiated many investigations.

The nation’s Capitol was attacking by a “violent” insurrectionist mob. This was six months ago. Thus the objective was to overturn the votes of more than 158 million Americans. Fortunately, they did not succeed,” House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland said in a Tuesday statement.

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