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Are Regulations On Truck Drivers Sleep Needed?

Lawmakers always try to make things safer for the trucking industry and everyone involved, especially drivers and those who share the road with them. But there is always a fine line to these regulations, because even though they are supposed to make the roads safer, there are still many factors to consider. The new rules can be reasonable and work great, but they also can be too intrusive. One of…


9 Things You Need To Know About Auto Transport

The auto transport industry has grown a lot, thanks to the exposure the internet brings. Nowadays you can buy a car from anywhere in the world, and it will be shipped to you. Many car dealerships, big and small, sell cars online, as it has proven to raise profits significantly.   1. What is Car Transport? Car Transport is a process of shipping a vehicle between the point of origin…


Allowed Violations For Truck Drivers

Truck drivers spend most of their on the road, so it is no surprise that at some point most of them are going to have a violation at least once. Sometimes it can lead to losing a commercial driver’s license or it also can be suspended for a period of time. Different trucking companies have different rules regarding violations. Some companies will not hire a driver if there have been…

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How to Adjust to Time Change: Tips for Truckers

It can be a real challenge for a truck driver to figure out the local time. When you can pass a couple or more time zones per trip, your hours of service are something to figure out. Add the time change that happens twice a year and you can get totally confused. If you are one of those struggling with daylight savings time, there are some tips that will help…

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New Training Standards For Commercial Drivers

Last week the FMCSA proposed national training standards for new commercial drivers seeking Class A and Class B CLD (commercial driver’s license). It is a great step towards better road safety, as a trained driver is a safer driver. Anthony Fox, the U.S. Transportation Secretary, says that the proposal plays a big role in making the roads safer by making sure that all the commercial drivers have had necessary training…


Higher Pay As Way To Reduce Shortage in Trucking Industry

The shortage of drivers remains a great problem for the trucking industry. This leads to drivers’ salaries getting higher. Over the past year the average gained up about 12%. According to the statistics, in 2015 the average pay for truckers got to its record at $57,000 a year with a 17% jump since 2013.   The expanding shortage is now at about 48,000 and the situation can get worse because…

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What Is Freedom For Truck Drivers Today?

What is it like to be a trucker nowadays? A truck driver used to be a close to middle class job and a promise of freedom, but what has it become?   Imagine you are an owner operator. You have worked hard to save money and buy your own truck. You know it means sacrificing some of stability but you want to be able to choose when you want to…


Real Truckers Blogs

To some people, trucking has somewhat of a road romantic aura. Truck drivers are people who are far from home all the time, traveling faraway roads and seeing places most of us have never seen. Although, for truckers themselves it is not so romantic, it is still a fact that they have their own lifestyle different from anyone else’s.   If you are curious about what it is like to…


Trucking Blog: Why Electronic Logs Are Good For Safety

According to the sad statistics by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, over 3,600 people became victims of large-truck deadly crashes in 2013. The majority of people who died in those fatal accidents were not truck drivers. Those people were drivers and passengers of other cars, pedestrians, motorcyclists and bicyclists.   The measures to change the situation should have been taken long ago. Finally, the FMCSA set up the new…


New “Beyond Compliance” Bill To Credit Carriers

The FAST Act highway bill that was signed on Dec 4th includes a potential addition named “Beyond Compliance”. Additional details can be found in this section such as requirements by Congress for FMSCA to build a stimulatory system to credit carriers who invest into the safety of their operations. Congress gave FMSCA 18 months to address these requirements. The following actions are proposed as the ones carriers should be credited…

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