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4 Great Truck Stops Tips

When you are over-the-road, with time you get to form some habits and have some favorite truck stops. In this article we would like to share some general truck stops tips that might be helpful for any truck driver – especially a new one.   Parking at the truck stop It is better to park beside a curb. It will make a side of your truck protected. Spaces like that…


4 Stretches That Will Make Truck Drivers Neck Pain Go Away

Neck pain is a common problem for truck drivers. Driving for long hours can affect driver’s shoulders, back and neck in a bad way. Pain in the neck is a kind of pain that will not just leave you alone. When you have neck pains, it means your muscles have tightened. It can affect how far you can move your neck from side to side. It is essential for a…


Why Do Drivers Have To Annoy Truckers?

One of challenges a truck driver has to deal with on a daily basis is auto drivers who purposefully try to annoy truckers when they see them on the road. Without a doubt, having to face this kind of attitude every day is stressful and can make a truck driver feel like he or she is drained both physically and emotionally.   There are many situations truckers find themselves in.…


Exercises To Keep Truckers Fit

It is important for a truck driver to exercise and stay in shape. Some of us may mistakenly consider that if you are a trucker, there’s no way for you to stay in shape with this kind of job. But actually it is, and it’s really important that you do it in order to avoid health problems like back pains. And there are great exercises that can help you.  …


Truck Fuel Usage Data Is Not Always Accurate

It is common to think that technologies are reliable enough to trust them with accuracy. The same goes to a truck’s engine computer that we get the data from to analyze fuel economy. But as it turns out, this technology might be not the most accurate tool for this purpose. It has been demonstrated in research by a non-profit group for the North America trucking industry.   Performance Innovation Transport…


Truckers Are Sent To Get Pricey Medical Tests Because Of Big Necks

Sleep apnea is a condition when during a sleep a patient’s tongue falls back against his soft palate making it impossible to breathe. People with sleep apnea experience breathing stops many times during the night. The number of times can get up to a hundred and the stops can last a minute or even longer. It doesn’t make patient wake up but during the day he or she can feel…


Good Times For Trucking, Not That Good For Smaller Companies

The trucking industry is experiencing the record demand as the US economy is recovering. But at the same time many smaller companies, who are the majority in this business, are going through hard times.   This year the amount of freight transported by trucks has hit its peak. It has happened due to improving retail sales and led to growing of the trucking industry revenue. But the expanses have been…

Trump about truckers
Bing bing! Bong!

Trump about truckers

Today we find that most of the time being a trucker means not getting much of respect. Often we can hear things like “talks like a trucker” or “curses like a trucker”. Many people have this image of a lazy, uneducated truck driver. Some also find it irritating that trucks take so much space on the road. So there are drivers who start acting really aggressively when they see a…


How to Prepare Your Vehicle For Auto Transport?

If you are preparing to get your car shipped for the first time, it might be stressful. But don’t worry that much: statistically, only about 5% of all the vehicles shipped were damaged in the process of auto transport. And you can help yourself to make this risk even lower if you prepare your vehicle for auto shipping right.   Here are the steps you should take: Inspect your vehicle…


Great Tool To Save Fuel? Read What Trailer Tails Can Do!

One of the main concerns for any trucking company is fuel saving. There are different ways to save gas and most of them depend on drivers. But there’re also tools that can help you with saving fuel. For instance, mudflaps and trailer tails.   Trailer tails are rear drag aerodynamics technology. They help truckers save statistically around 7% of fuel on highways. It is true that they can get some…

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