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California Driven to Get More Electric Vehicles on the Road

Did you know that California has the biggest stockpile of electric cars in the United States? It’s true. Not only that, but it’s probably even a bigger share than you’d imagine. In fact, California possesses around 50 percent of the 1 million electric cars that have been purchased in the United States. This includes plug-in hybrids. In 2018, full electric, as well as hybrid cars, represented 8 percent of passenger…


What’s next for Tesla? Deliveries Dropping in 1st Quarter

Late on Wednesday, Tesla reported on their sales and deliveries from the first quarter of the year. And, they have delivered 63,000 electric vehicles. However, this is about a one-third drop from the previous quarter. But, the company believes that their profits from the first quarter may have been negatively affected by lower than expected volumes of delivery, as well as different adjustments in pricing. So, what was included in…


Fighting Age Limits in the Trucking Industry

Age limits: one of the issues that the trucking industry has to deal with. But, that might soon change, if a new bill is passed by Congress. Many are crossing their fingers for this bill to go through, which would allow 18-year-olds to become drivers in the industry. Prospective drivers at that age wouldn’t have to wait until they are 21 to get a trucking industry job. Instead, they could…


The Perks of ELDs in Trucking

Electronic logging devices, also known as ELDs, are the one of the latest new things in trucking industry technology. In fact, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) mandated the use of ELDs for most commercial truckers last December. The goal is to improve both road and personal safety. Since then, ELDs have been the talk of the trucking industry. While it seems…


What to Know About the 2019 Work Truck Show

Get ready… the Work Truck Show is coming back in March! The show, put on by the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA), is set for March, in Indianapolis. And, it already has a full schedule planned. This is North America’s largest assembly of vocational trucks and equipment. In 2018, a record-breaking 13,570 industry professionals attended the show. Now, the NTEA plans to expand their available educational opportunities! As Steve Carey,…


Reconstructing the Trucking Industry for the Future

Previously, a truck driver shortage was the biggest problem facing the trucking industry. Now, it’s the possibility of plummeting employment opportunities for American truckers because of AI trucking technology.  With over 4 million truckers in the United States, self-driving trucks are a scary concept for those whose lives revolve around transporting freight. Firstly, a key issue of the trucking industry is demographic. The average age of an over-the-road trucker is…


Exploit the Driver Shortage!

The trucker market is at an all-time-high. Due to truckers’ increased demand, there is time to capitalize on the industry. Thus, independent owner-operators can reap the benefits. Along with new technology, being a trucker now means more flexibility, control and access of loads. As the industry keeps climbing, truckers climb with it. Due to the trucking shortage, drivers are being offered contracts or increased pay to entice and keep drivers…


What’s new with Rivian?

CEO and founder of Rivian, RJ Scaringe, has big plans for the EV start-up company. The company’s first vehicles were introduced at the LA Auto Show last month. The vehicles were the all-electric pickup truck, as well as the seven-seater SUV. These are known as the R1T and R1S. At that time, Scaringe made some big announcements about future plans. Some of this includes new battery technology. He also hinted…


Preventing Trucking Accidents – New & Experienced Drivers

A Dangerous Profession Big rig driving has been called one of the ten most dangerous professions in America today. With the dangers on the roads (even for drivers of other vehicles), this isn’t much of a surprise! Therefore, accident prevention and truck driving safety is a big concern in the industry. It is important to always be aware and alert and to do as much as possible to prevent accidents.…


Why Manufacturers Spend Millions of Dollars on Concept Cars?

Have you ever heard of concept cars? Here is the main purpose of ‘’concept cars’’. Concept cars, also known as show vehicle, are made to display new styling and new technology, or both at the same time. These great looking concept cars have futuristic look. A lot of people wonder why manufacturers spend millions of dollars to develop them. The thing is that concept cars are never going to make…

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