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Truck Fire Explodes! Two Injured in South LA

LOS ANGELES, CA – Early Sunday morning, a 9,000-gallon tanker truck caught fire. The truck was leaking gasoline, and ignited, which led to multiple explosions. The tanker truck explosion created a large billow of black smoke. The incident occurred in the 200 block of West Slauson Avenue. Fire officials arrived in the area at around 7:45 a.m. right before the explosions began. Apparently, residents in the area called emergency personnel…


Robbers Killed During Attempted Theft of 900 lbs of Marijuana

CORNING, CA – A whirlwind of an attempted theft and marijuana possession case occurred in January. Robbers set up an intricate plan to steal a large load of marijuana in Corning. In fact, they even rented a Penske box truck to help in the process. A twenty-year-old woman from Michigan, named Michelle Vargas, rented the truck. She did this on January 29, the day of the attempted Corning robbery. She…


What Killed FedEx Truck Driver Found Dead in Frozen Facility?

EAST MOLINE, IL – A FedEx truck driver apparently died a mysterious death recently in Illinois. Illinois police received a call around 9:30am on Thursday, January 31. A FedEx worker discovered the body of a semi-truck driver at the FedEx Freight distribution hub in East Moline. This information comes from a news release by the City of East Moline Police Department. According to the release, the man was also an…


Truckers Fight Spike in Tolls

GRANGER, IN – Last fall, Governor Eric Holcomb made the announcement about a toll increase on the Indiana Toll Road. The plan? For rates to go up… but only for big trucks. So, while the news didn’t have a big impact on every day drivers, it did for the trucking industry. The 35% spike implemented on October 5, 2018 was a big jump for them. And, not surprisingly, the industry…


Truckers’ Planned Protest

U.S. - There is a nation-wide movement in which truckers are organizing a shut-down for April 12, 2019. The group organizing this movement, calls itself Black Smoke Matters.  Back in October, the group staged their first protest. This particular truckers' protest slowed traffic along Interstate 95 in Washington D.C. but didn’t have any long-term effects. The Black Smoke Matters movement is calling for trucker solidarity. Their goal is for truck…


Ten Vehicle Crash in HOV lane in Shirlington – Just Outside of D.C.

SHIRLINGTON ,VA – A ten-vehicle crash occurred this Monday morning just outside of Washington, D.C., in Shirlington, VA. The crash created a mess for morning commuters, who got stuck behind the pile-up of taxis, a dump truck, and a few other vehicles. One of the taxis ended up stuck, perched on top of a concrete barrier at the scene of the crash. The incident caused the High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes…


Fiery Crash Involving 20 Vehicles Left 9 People Injured

Santa Cruz, California – A fiery crash occurred on Highway 1, Santa Cruz involving  20 vehicles and big rig that burst into flames Tuesday morning. According to the California Highway Patrol the fiery crash left nine people injured. Two of the victims of the crash were critically injured. The first call on the fiery crash was received at 9: 52 a.m. on northbound Highway 1, in the area of River…


At Least 12 People Dead after Bar Shooting in Thousand Oaks, California

THOUSAND OAKS, California -- At least 12 people shot at a crowded country and western dance hall in Thousand Oaks. The gunman is identified to be 28-year-old who did service in the Marine Crops. The suspect, Ian David Long of Newbury Park, California, took his life after being confronted by officers responding to the Wednesday night attack. The suspect was known to have used a 45-caliber handgun which he had…


Second Tesla Owner is Suing The Company Over an Autopilot Crash

This is the second Tesla owner suing the company over an autopilot crash. After the latest auto crash involving Tesla and driving on Autopilot, the owner is suing Tesla for false advertising. The crash happened when the Tesla Autopilot ran into the back of a stationary car. Another crash of Tesla Autopilot involved a collision of a stationary fire truck at highway speed. China no longer is getting the bulk…


What is Better than Benefits from Other Companies? Best Buy Seeks Toys R Us Customers

UNITED STATES -- Big companies are racing around the $10.5 billion in toy sales left behind by Toys “R” Us. Best Buy as well. Toy inventory is being enlarged by Best Buy in more than 1,300 US stores. The company hopes that when customers will walk in to buy a new technology device, during the holiday season, and will come out with toys for their children. According to Jason Bonfig,…

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