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Chinese Rover And Lander Arrives On Mars As It Turns Out

You are currently viewing Chinese Rover And Lander Arrives On Mars As It Turns Out
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Chinese rovers are roaming the planet. And you can see in some photos that the rover itself had been taking over the entire planet with all sorts of moxie. There were small flags seen in photos that were release Friday. The China National Space Administration are pretty obsessed with showing the upper stage of the Zhurong rover.

The Zhurong rover was so smart that it placed a camera likely 10 meters away from the landing platform. It then pulled back to take a group picture. So says, the CNSA. But technically, that would be called a group selfie.

The Chinese brought the Tianwen-1 spacecraft to Mars with the rover intact. This was likely after three months of patrolling the red planet. China is the second to operate a spacecraft on Mars, following the USA.

Both the orbiter and the lander has been able to display Chinese flags.

In fact, to the point where the lander had outlines of mascots for the upcoming 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Furthermore, the six-wheeled rover has been going over areas of Utopia Planitia, looking for signs of ice to show Mars having life.

The Zhurong is a little smaller than the Perseverance rover. That one is from the USA. And NASA is looking to get the first sample to come back to Earth by 2031. With the Mars mission behind us, China had a very important space program that was destined to send the first crew to a new space station as soon as next week. The three crew members are trying to stay for about three months.

Surveillance around the Heavenly Harmony station is taking longer than more Chinese missions. Further launches are likely going to expand further from the station. China was able to bring back lunar samples because of the first space programs occurring since the 1970s. This will be valuable.

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