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How to Choose a Reliable Auto Shipping Company

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When you want to hire a reliable car shipping company a number of options can be overwhelming. How do you know which company is reliable and suits your needs? You also want to choose a company that will provide you with high-quality service together at an affordable price. The following recommendations will help you to find a trustworthy auto transport company that will provide you with high-quality as well as affordable auto shipping services.


Read reviews online

If you want to be sure that car shipping company is reliable first of all you should check the company’s review websites in order to see how the customers who have already used the services of that company evaluated it. For instance, you can see Global Auto Transportation reviews on different websites, such as Yelp, the Better Business Bureau as well as Yahoo Local, where you can read several reviews from our customers. Reviews from these websites require verification so that you can be sure that they are real reviews written by real customers.


Ask your relatives

Your other step should be the following: you should ask your friends, relatives or neighbors whether they ever used any car transport services. And if yes what was their experience? Are they pleased with the service they were provided with? Would they recommend you to use that service as well? This will be very useful for you.


Get a car shipping quote

Today the majority of car shipping companies provide their customers with free car shipping quotes. For example, our free car shipping quote is available online. You can fill out the form and get a pricing information. When you will receive price information you can compare them. But be cautious. It is not always that cheap price is a guarantee of good service. Sometimes you get what you paid for.


Therefore you are recommended to call the company and speak with one of their agents in order to gain detailed information about the company’s terms and conditions.

At Global Auto Transportation we have live agents who work extended hours in order to help our customers. They are here to answer all your questions. In addition, they can present you our services and give you recommendations which service is more suitable for your vehicle shipping.


Make sure the car shipping company has all types of car transport services

It is very important to know if the car shipping company has all methods of car transport or not. There are many companies that cannot offer customers an appropriate method of car transport. At Global Auto Transportation we have all methods of car shipping services:


Open Car Transport

Enclosed Car Shipping

Door-to-Door Car Transport

Expedited Car Shipping


Each of this auto transport services is intended for the specific purpose. For example, if you own an exotic car you are recommended to choose our enclosed car transport. This method of car shipping service guarantees the protection for your vehicle.


Or, sometimes you want to transport your vehicle in a very short period of time. In such cases, we offer our customers our expedited car shipping. It means that we ship your vehicle as soon as possible, without any delays.



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