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Classic Car Transport

Global Auto Transportation (GAT) offers nation-wide shipping for many varieties of vehicles. We offer vehicle shipping for motorcycles, boats, vans, buses, trailers, and more!

Why Choose Global Auto Transportation for Classic Car Transport?

At Global Auto Transportation we know that your car is valuable to you, so we thank you for considering us in hauling your classic car. Global Auto Transportation has served over 800,000 happy customers and has provided over 12 years of dependable car shipping services.

Putting too many miles on your classic car can lower its value. Although you can drive your classic car to your desired destination, it will be better for your car if you choose to transport it. GAT enjoys shipping classic cars, and the unique way that owners choose to restore them. Let us tailor a customized vehicle transport for your special car! We know that finding the right carrier can put a lot of stress on you, so choose GAT for an easy experience!

How should you ship your car?

There are multiple ways to ship your classic car. There is enclosed auto transport and open vehicle transport. Although enclosed car transport might be more expensive than putting your car on an open car carrier, it provides valuable protection. Regardless of what option you choose, it’s helpful to keep in mind that both can be cheaper than driving the car yourself! But the choice is yours!

Enclosed Car Transport

Whether you’re moving to a new state or traveling through the winter, we can find a car shipping plan for you! Enclosed car shipping with GAT offers intensive protection for your car. This enclosed carrier ensures that there will be no risk of damage when shipping your vehicle. Once we receive your car, we’ll put it in an enclosed trailer, and the rest will be up to our individually chosen car carrier. This trailer covers your car on all four sides warranting complete protection. Weather conditions, road conditions or dirt won’t touch your classic car and you can feel secure in the fact that it’s fully protected. Also, keep in mind that GAT fully accommodates any kind of car, including ones that are low to the ground. Safeguard your car with GAT and allow your transport to be stress-free!

There are many types of cars that we suggest using enclosed car transport for:

  • Exotic Cars
  • Vintage Cars
  • Luxury Cars
  • Collectible Cars
  • Sports Cars

Open Car Transport 

If enclosed car shipping isn’t for you, the next best option is open car transport. So, what is open auto transportation? Usually, the car is shipped on a car carrier or a flatbed truck. This is both the most popular and the most inexpensive way to ship your car! Using an auto transport service can save you time, energy and money.

With GAT’s open car transport there are some minor risks. Thus, for classic car moving, we recommend using enclosed auto transport. Although, open car transport is still safer than traveling a long way and putting strain and mileage on your car. Some people have many concerns about whether or not open car transport is safe, but with GAT’s dependable vehicle shipping we strive to do our best in providing the safest car transport. There is less than a five percent chance of your car being damaged through transport. If you are still worried about putting your classic car on an open car carrier, our car carriers are fully insured by the time of your transport.   

Door-to-Door Car Transport

While moving can be stressful, moving your car doesn’t have to be! Both enclosed car shipping and open auto transport offer a door-to-door option. As a result, you can get direct vehicle transport straight to your door!

Door-to-door shipping is the easiest way to ship your car. First, talk to one of our live representatives. Next, set up a date. Then let GAT worry about picking up your vehicle and dropping it off. We guarantee prompt car transport for your classic car! Our priority with door-to-door shipping is confirming that your car delivery is effortless for you.

In the end, both enclosed and open auto shipping are viable options for your car shipment. But you must keep in mind, the two options differ in both price and quality.

So, contact Global Auto Transportation today! We’ll be happy to answer all your questions about classic car transport, or any other questions you might have about vehicle transport!