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Coke Uncorked! Man Hit By Semi Truck During Strike

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Have you ever wanted a wake-me-up in the morning? Just a good ol’ reminder that it’s okay to stay awake? Sometimes it’s nice to have droopy eyelids that prevent you from working on anything but calling in an optometrist. In some people’s cases, they need a Coke to wake them up. And when that doesn’t work? A Coke truck should be enough to scare the living daylights out of you.

Coke Worker Conked Harder Than Ever Before!

Firstly, an individual on the picket line of a strike at a Coca-Cola plant met the front fender of a semi-truck recently. Some bystanders and policemen believe the guy just walked into the trailer for no real reason.

This was an occurrence as early as 11:15 a.m. The truck driver was Peter C. Johns, and he was simply making a turn. Of course, Johns wasn’t hurt, but Jeff Rudnicki was woefully whisk-worthy enough to be sent to the hospital for treatment.

However, it’s not apparent if Rudnicki was part of the strike, which was organized by Teamsters Local 20. Surely this had to do with contract negotiations.

Furthermore, no charges have been filed as of yet. I think what I’m wondering is if the Coke driver was trying to break up the strike or if he was just looking to get to his parking spot. I figure that maybe the Coca-Cola company wasn’t really anticipating this impact but ultimately felt likely to take advantage of the occasion. By administering healthy coke to any of the battle scars.

Oh, what? You don’t think Coca-Cola has any remedial qualities to it? You must be beyond bonkers. This is the same stuff that originally found refuge in the folds of cocaine leaves at one point. How couldn’t it have that type of power behind it? There’s a difference waiting to reach its likelihood when it’s applicable to a potential flesh wound.

Finally, as for the Coke truck? I’m almost certain it has a new coat of paint from the leftover blood. That’s for certain.

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