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Coronavirus Trucker Tips

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Coronavirus news is everywhere. From major cities closing down to northern towns closing down shops, there is no escaping that this virus has dominated the headlines. For many on the road, this can be a challenging time. With storefronts closing down, major gatherings canceled and isolations in effect, truck drivers are still expected to show up and deliver.

Truckers are the backbone of how we are able to purchase our food at the grocery store. They are also in one of the perfect positions for staying away from the spread of the disease. While truckers cross a country that is currently seeing an increase in positive COVID-19 test cases, they still brave the roads and travel in order to bring cities a necessary standard of supplies.

With the ability to travel and transport supplies from city to city, there is a chance that some can still get it. Here is how to avoid catching the disease.

Step 1: Wash Your Hands

We know this is a simple step. It is also a kind of given at this point. But washing your hands is one of the safest ways you can stop the spread of coronavirus.

Furthermore, sterilization practices should be fully embraced. Utilizing the bathroom should be met with a sanitizer wipe for opening the door, doing your business then washing your hands for 20-seconds, then leaving. Sitting down has always been a problem for roadside bathrooms thus using sterilizing hand wipes on the toilet seat is also detrimental.

In keeping with sterilizing hand wipes, keeping a set on you when you refuel your truck is also important. The pump is one of the most widely touched areas for truckers. Thus, in keeping with coronavirus containment, these should be sterilized as well.

Coronavirus Tip #2: Stock Up On Plenty of Food and Water

Experienced truckers will tell any greenhorn about having the necessary survival snacks for emergencies. In this case, self-isolation has plenty of diners and restaurants closing down. On top of that, may large-scale supply stores like Walmart and Costco are flooded with people trying to stock up. Keeping a necessary amount of dried, canned (and whatever else) goods can be a huge beneficiating factor when driving coast-to-coast. You should have enough food to properly make a meal that pertains to the essential food groups. Just take a look at a food pyramid and see what there is to offer at your local store (if it hasn’t been cleared out already).

Coronavirus Tip #3: Try To Avoid Leaving Your Truck As Much As Possible.

We understand that most truck drivers are under the finger of technology. Many have had a problem with being monitored for driving over 8 hours a day. Many are either under the gun on time as it is, so staying in the cab and continuing the drive is a pretty solid method of keeping out of harm’s way. Whenever you leave the truck, simply follow back to step 1 and you should be fine.

One of the benefits for truckers is the lack of populated areas when on the road. Typically it’s just the driver, the truck and the open road. Truckers themselves are one of the more isolated career paths. It’s not called the “lonely road” for nothin’.

Truckers Are Heroes

Despite everyone across the country going into lockdown, truckers are necessary for stores to resupply themselves. WIthout the current trucking industry, many people will not be able to buy the necessary items for their lockdowns. Thus running out of ample food and water can be a devastating blow to those already not within the parameters of luxury. Now, we’re not talking of shipping cellphones and electronics (although some can find those to be beneficial during the outbreak), we would like to focus primarily on foods and household items. Without truckers, these would not be able to get to stores across the country.

Truckers spend time away from their families, In a time of crisis like the one we are seeing now, they have shown time and time again that they are kings of the road and saviors for many. To that, we say thank you. While many are inside with their families (who are still scared), truck drivers are out there, away from their loved ones to ensure that families across the country are safe.

For all truck drivers: Thank you. Your commitment has helped keep families and civilians safe.

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