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Global Auto Transportation Discounts

Special Discounts

At GAT we take great care of our customers. It’s not only about making auto shipping easy for you. It’s not only making sure your car is safe and sound, or getting it to the right destination in time. But, we also offer the best prices around. We have discounts for students, seniors and our military clients. We understand your needs and situation.

Military Discounts

DiscountsWe take pride in providing services to American troops. Relocating is a part of life for many people serving in the military. As we appreciate what you do for our country, we want to help in any way we can. When you relocate, we can help you transport your vehicle. We have a lot of experience in Military Vehicle Shipping. Just don’t forget to tell our agents you’re in the military.

Student discounts

DiscountsWhen you’re a student, you devote all your time and energy into getting a great education. Not to mention, it can be expensive. But, your future depends on it, so of course you are putting your best foot forward. Likely, you can’t work full time and perhaps you’re on a budget. But, when it’s time to ship your car, here is where we can help you. We realize that your place of study might be far from your hometown. And you can’t just leave your car, neither is it an option to drive all the way yourself. But, don’t worry. Just mention that you’re a student to one of our agents, and we will gladly give you a discount!

Senior Discounts

We also offer discounts to seniors. We want to help you cut costs as much as we can as we realize you have special needs and concerns. You’ve got to be mindful of your budget when you depend only on your pension. When you need Car Shipping Services, you deserve a company you can trust. It also goes without saying, but you will receive the best price around. And at GAT we can promise you that! We won’t just beat the price of any other service provider, we will offer you discounts! To get one, call our office and ask our agents about our senior discounts.

Our company cares about the customers we serve. That’s why we maintain so many loyal clients. Don’t hesitate. Contact GAT and let us take care of your vehicle today!

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