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Enclosed Auto Transport

So what is enclosed auto transport?

When you need auto shipping, there are two methods you can choose between. You can do either open car transport or enclosed auto transport.

The first method is open car shipping. This is the most common type of car transport that people use. The reason for this is that it’s cheaper and more available. You have probably seen open car carriers on the road. It is a safe and secure way to ship a vehicle. Your car can get dusty, but it’s just like normal driving conditions. But still, if your vehicle needs special care, there is another way for you.

The second method is enclosed auto shipping. As clear from the name, enclosed trailers are used for this type of car shipping. This method is pricier but ensures the best kind of protection for your car. With enclosed car carriers, you won’t have to worry about road dust or weather. When you use this kind of shipping, your car is as safe as it can be. No road debris or flies will touch it in the process of car transport. So if you need to be sure your car will look perfect after it’s shipped, enclosed auto transport is the right option for you.

What is Enclosed Auto Transport used for?

Most of the time enclosed car transport is used for exotic cars. Sometimes you just can’t risk the look of the vehicle. Some cars are like pieces of art. If you are a car lover, you know you should not try to cut costs on a piece from your collection. You have to make sure it travels 100% safe, and shipping it in an enclosed trailer is what can help you with that. Reliable enclosed car carriers are perfect for this case.

It is also great for classic car transport. Your retro car is truly dear to you, and you can’t afford anything happening to it. Many classic car owners use enclosed auto transport to ship their vehicles.

If you are planning to ship your car in an enclosed trailer, then you need to call a shipping company at least two weeks prior to the pick-up. If you need to transport your car urgently, you might have to wait a couple of days. Express car shipping is also pricier. That’s why it is always better to contact a car transport company well ahead.

We’ll be happy to assist you with enclosed car transport. Our drivers will take great care of your car. We have a lot of experience shipping exotic and classic cars. Furthermore, we will ship your car door-to-door across the United States. You will have nothing to worry about as we provide the safest enclosed auto shipping around.

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