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Flatbed Service

Bring your vehicles on a flatbed service, and we can assure you our times will rival that of a cheetah’s. Flatbed car shipping is simple, easy, and useful whether you’re trying to go down the coast, or you’re stuck with engine problems and could use some convenient snowbird shipping. They are some of the best trailers you can find to do the job.

Because there’s very little hassle. The driver simply brings their light-duty truck over to your preferred pickup location, drives the car up the ramp, and restrains it with straps and chains so that there could be absolutely no risk of the vehicle itself falling. That’s the benefit we provide as a flatbed car transport company for people in need.

Even if you only have one or two cars, we like to use our flatbed shipping service. It’s an important service for anyone in logistics. Every day, loads of products, vehicles, and equipment are shipped along on flatbed trucks. So if we’re treating your cars like precious cargo, why wouldn’t you take the opportunity for your vehicle to be treated like a VIP?

We here at Global Auto Transportation are pleased to provide your cars with this option. It works well for any industry. When we use flatbed trucking solutions, they may very well be the most worthwhile option.

By utilizing our flatbed auto transport service, you’ll be on the up-and-up! 

Flatbeds can handle several cars per trip. These are the safest trailers around. So when you want to bring your cars on a great trailer, use our flatbed services to your advantage. If you’re looking for multiple autos to ship, we would highly encourage you to check out our full load car shipping options.

And look, we understand if you’re a little hesitant. Seems too good to be true, right? Well, we’ll let you in on a little secret: Our team is intimate and easy to communicate. No, really! We are always available five days a week to answer whatever questions you come up with about flatbed car shipping services.

It’s especially convenient for when you need a movie car or a fixer-upper transported quickly within a day’s distance. This short-range choice could also be even of a lower cost while providing total safety from having a unique and singular slot of space on the flatbed. No other vehicles to worry about. Just you, the truck, and the open road.

Consider our flatbed service and we’ll deliver the best service you deserve. It takes dedication, preparation, and communication from our whole team to give you total satisfaction. And that’s exactly the support you’ll receive when using our flatbed auto transport.

When you have to bring a car a little closer but still a little far, call this number (888) 803-0501 so that you can receive the information you need — do so today, and one of our live representatives might even look into getting a FREE Quote for your flatbed car shipping request provided with no extra charge!