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Ford Announces “Electric University” for All Things Electric Vehicles

You are currently viewing Ford Announces “Electric University” for All Things Electric Vehicles
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Electric vehicles are increasing rapidly in popularity across the country.  Gas prices have reached historic highs, and EVs are becoming more varied, powerful, and cheaper. As a result, more and more consumers want EVs, causing an exciting new market to emerge. But EVs are unique, and they come with some unique challenges for manufacturers and dealers.

There are many unique situations that arise with EVs that require a level of special attention. And without the right experience, dealers may not be able to handle these unique situations. So it’s important for manufacturers to help their dealers out with the information they need to educate consumers.

Car manufacturers are scrambling to release their own vehicles into this incredibly competitive new market.  But it’s not enough to release a new vehicle on its own.  Manufacturers need to make sure that their dealers and service providers know how to handle EVs.  This way, buyers can be confident that they’re getting the right information about how to handle and maintain their cars before they buy them.

So far, not all manufacturers are ready to meet this challenge. But some will rise to the occasion. Ford is determined to stay ahead of this curve with their newly announced “Electric University.”  The idea behind this program is similar to another Ford program, in which they provided a space for dealers to test their new Bronco Off-Roadeos.  Electric University will aim to teach dealers about the specificities of electric vehicles to help consumers make an informed decision about their purchase.

CEO Tim Hovik captured the mood of many motor companies at this critical juncture in a recent interview.  “We just need to get a little smarter when it comes to electric,” Hovik said.  With programs like this, Ford aims to work smarter and stay ahead of the competition.

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