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Ford Maverick May Be a Smartie but it Sure is a Tiny Truck

You are currently viewing Ford Maverick May Be a Smartie but it Sure is a Tiny Truck
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The Ford Maverick truck for 2022 is smaller and smarter and characterized as a compact pickup truck that shares the same unibody platform as the Ford Escape and Bronco Sport. An easy-to-drive, efficient pickup is the Ford Maverick. Also, it will not break the proverbial bank. However, it has to make intelligent use of the space it has got.

Ford Maverick is unrivaled with its small stature and a standard hybrid powertrain. Moreover, the closest competitor is the also-new Hyundai Santa Cruz. The Hyundai does stay away from being seen as a pickup. Though it does maintain its crossover aesthetics.

Ford Maverick Is Proud its Pickup Status

Moreover, the Maverick does embrace the fact that it’s a pickup. It is a company that has been selling many pickups for several decades. In fact, the Maverick does win at being just enough truck for a lot of people. It will be popular and there is a good reason. Hopefully, Ford can keep up with the potential demand for this Maverick truck.

Maverick Interior Features

The Maverick interior is interesting. Moreover, there are cost-saving measures that determine the inclusion of a lot of hard plastics. However, one sees and feels fascinating shapes, textures, and colors. In fact, the plastic across the top of the dash does have a grain reminiscent of the canvas. There are intriguing colors from the inclusion of ground carbon fiber that is a byproduct in other hard plastics. The door panels are molded to provide storage for many water bottles in a series of shapes and sizes. The door armrest is cut out. It leaves a cantilevered grab point complete with exposed fasteners for a rugged, user-friendly look. There are also storage cubbies that are below the center stack, next to the infotainment screen, and, also, on top of the dash behind the screen.

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