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Four Kites and Tive Are Entering A Partnership For Mutual Customers

You are currently viewing Four Kites and Tive Are Entering A Partnership For Mutual Customers
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Supply chain mainstays Tive and Four Kites made it known that they have a partnership now. So as to provide integrated in-transit data platform for mutual customers.

It will be a combination of Tive’s in-transit load-sensing data with Four Kites’ visibility capabilities. As a result, this will deliver real-time data visibility for supply chain customers.

Krenar Komoni, CEO and founder at Tive, had this to say: “Collaboration and open access to visibility data benefits everyone in the supply chain.”

Certainly this will be an advancement that is long in the making. How people may respond is yet to be seen exactly.

The Open Visibility Network partnership will include Four Kites’ machine learning-based estimated-time-of-arrival (ETA) engine, and its connectivity to telematics and GPS providers. Four Kites’ supply chain visibility platform provides detailed shipment data and analytics, tracking 1 million shipments daily.

Furthermore, Tive will share real-time in-transit load-sensing data and its Solo 5G temperature, light, humidity and shock tracker data. With the world’s longest-lasting 5G tracker, Tive provides meaningful data on carrier and route performance, as trackers move on shipments around the world.

Four Kites is excited!

“Together with Tive, our mutual customers will be able to pinpoint expected delivery times to their docks with even greater accuracy; keep close tabs on their shipments to monitor for theft; make necessary adjustments to keep goods moving; and keep their yards running efficiently,” Mathew Elenjickal, CEO and founder at Four Kites, said in a statement.

Global supply chains have been under immense pressure since the beginning of the pandemic. Increased demand for e-commerce and stringent requirements for COVID-19 vaccines have impacted freight markets globally. Bottlenecks at Los Angeles ports and driver shortages across the U.S. are only two challenges that supply chains are facing.

Finally, The companies believe supply chains will continue in 2021, and the partnership will allow mutual customers some new insights to succeed.

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