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Great Tool To Save Fuel? Read What Trailer Tails Can Do!

You are currently viewing Great Tool To Save Fuel? Read What Trailer Tails Can Do!
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One of the main concerns for any trucking company is fuel saving. There are different ways to save gas and most of them depend on drivers. But there’re also tools that can help you with saving fuel. For instance, mudflaps and trailer tails.


Trailer tails are rear drag aerodynamics technology. They help truckers save statistically around 7% of fuel on highways. It is true that they can get some time for you to get used to them. It does not get much harder to open or close trailer doors when you use tails. Although, you do have to remember about them when you’re backing up. You better close them if there’s a vehicle or something else close behind you. You have to keep in mind that they add a few feet to your rear end.


Still, if something happens and you do back up with your trailer tails open, you don’t have to worry about them. They are quite firm and no damage is likely to appear to them.


Trailer tails also perform great in any weather condition. They can resist both snow and ice, and in case of strong winds trailer tails are able to stabilize the truck. They are also resistible to both hot and cold temperatures.


The technology keeps improving; the parts of the tails become sturdier which makes them more durable. More and more trucking companies choose to use trailer tails for their trucks.


Today about 1,6 million gallons of fuel can be saved per year thanks to using of the trailer tails. As the statistics have it, this technology can help reduce fuel using by 7% which would save over 6 billion dollars for about 2 million trucks that ride on the US highways nowadays.


Various models of trailer tails are available for purchase. The basic model costs around $2,500 and helps save around $1,500 per year when you drive over 50,000 miles a year. It can be a great investment for those willing to save money on fuel.

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  1. Matt

    These are awesome! I wish there was something like this for regular cars – or is there? :O

  2. Caitlin

    This is interesting to know! I’ve seen these on tractor trailer trucks on the interstate many times, but I was never really sure about what they were for. It sounds like a very good investment! Especially for long-haul drivers.

  3. Aaron

    Wow! I’ve seen these tails on tractor trailers going down the interstate, but I never knew what they were actually for. It sounds like it would be a very cost effective thing to add to your trailer!

    1. Seth

      I haven’t actually seen these before myself, but if they save as much fuel as this says they do, I’d expect to be seeing them everywhere soon.

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