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Judge Dismisses Weapons Charges in Rittenhouse Trial

You are currently viewing Judge Dismisses Weapons Charges in Rittenhouse Trial
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Judge Bruce Schroeder has dismissed a misdemeanor weapons charge against Kyle Rittenhouse that was prior to the beginning of closing arguments in his homicide trial. The possession of a dangerous weapon by a person under 18 is the charge. In fact, it was punishable by up to nine months in prison with a $10,000 fine. In fact, Rittenhouse is having to face the five felony charges. Moreover, if he is convicting on really the most serious charge, he could face a mandatory sentence of life in prison. Then, after he dismissed the charge, Judge Schroeder did, therefore, issue the jury instructions.

Judge and Closing Arguments

Lasting up to five hours is how long the closing arguments are set to come afterwarding. Before the deliberations do begin, there is a jury of eight men and 10 women that will be narrowing to 12 people. Names will be drawn.

Two-Week Trial

Ending a two-week trial, the court hearing comes. It is highlighting by emotional and clarifying testimony from Rittenhouse. He did say he did act in self-defense. That is when he did kill two people. On the night of August 25, 2020, he then wounded in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Meanwhile, the prosecution, has said Rittenhouse, 17, at the time, did really act recklessly and then went to provoke others when he brought an AR-15 style into the city. Moreover, it was into the city that was during the tumultuous aftermath of the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

]Last Tuesday, the prosecution did rest its case. On Friday, the defense then did rest.

Judge Presenting Lesser Offenses

On Monday, there was a dismissal of the misdemeanor charge. Moreover, it was part of the debate over jury instructions. Considering a decision on whether to allow the jury to consider lesser charges in other counts is what a judge is doing. Then, this past Friday, there was a conference about jury instructions. There is a judge that told Rittenhouse which is presenting lesser offenses to the jury does lower the possibility of a second trial but it does thereby increase the risk of conviction.

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