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What Is It Like To Be In Truck Driver Training Program?

You are currently viewing What Is It Like To Be In Truck Driver Training Program?
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If you have ever wondered what it is like to learn how to drive a truck, the video from Cape Fear Community College that greatly demonstrates what being a student in a truck driver training program is like.

In the video you can see CFCC students and their learning process. If you have always wondered what it is like to drive a truck or maybe if you are considering a career in truck driving, it is a great video for you to see what you should expect. Truck driving can be a great choice for you, and the career always starts with special training.

Watch the video by CFCC and get an inside look on a day of truck driver training program and see what students have to say.

If you are interested in learning to drive a truck with CFCC, you can enroll in their program and start as soon as July 1st if you are looking for night classes or July 14th if you are interested in day classes. The duration of the classes is 16 weeks and 8 weeks respectively.

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  1. Jennifer H

    Truck driving is amazing. It allows you to travel, see the country and really earn some money.

    As a child, my father was a truck driver and I loved to ride with him in his big rig. I may have to look into this. The night classes are a plus and really selling me.

  2. viviav maxwell

    I could remember my first vacation with my dad,riding from one place to another inside his big old truck,it was really amazing that i have been wanting to do it again..i love it

  3. Wayne Niffen

    Truck drivers are a major part of our every day lifes when you think about. With out truck drivers there would not be an easy life as going to the store like we have now. This program is truly amazing giving people the opportunity be apart of Americas back bone. Plus a caree truck driver makes a really good living.

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