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What are the main disadvantages of Self-driving cars?

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Self-Driving Cars
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Self-driving cars are going to make everything worse. Of course, their perfect driving, as well as relentless focus, will decrease traffic fatalities by 90%. In addition, self-driving cars will make our way to work stress-free.


However, these driverless vehicles are doing their best to get rid of drivers. Furthermore, you are wrong if you think that they are going to stop there.


Since the technology behind intelligent cars gets better, the things we love about regular cars will disappear as we will not have them any longer. So, what are the main disadvantages of self-driving cars?


Disadvantages of Self-Driving Cars

  1. Jobless Drivers– Many trucks, as well as taxi drivers, will become jobless, as autonomous vehicles take over.


  1. The price of the self-driving cars- Self-driving cars would probably cost more than $100,000. Many ordinary people cannot afford them to buy such kind of cars.


  1. The possibility of even worst crashes- As is known self-driving vehicles are leading by computer devices. Even a minor computer malfunction, may cause even worse crashes than the crashes occurring because of human error.


  1. No one is guilty– If the car without driver crashes, who will be guilty? Who should compensate for the damage?


  1. Privacy concerns – driverless cars would function using your place as well as user information by creating major privacy issues.


  1. Security worries – the other disadvantage of driverless cars is the factor of hackers. Hackers may get into the car’s software and affect or control its operation. This is a big security concern.


  1. Problems related to weather– Here are weather-related concerns: heavy rain interferes with roof-mounted laser sensors. In its turn snow can interfere with its cameras. It is really challenging for a robot to read human road signs.


  1. Reduction of driving experience – Since drivers become used not to driving, their experience and proficiency will reduce. And if they will need to drive under certain conditions, many problems may arise.


  1. Change of Road System -The road system should be changed in order to be adjusted to new driverless vehicles. For example, traffic and street lights should be altered.


  1. The threat of terrorists – terrorists will use self-driving cars to load them with explosives and used as moving bombs.


  1. The difficulty of understanding human behavior– human behavior such as hand signals are really difficult for the computer to understand.

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