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How To Make Money In Trucking

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A big reason many people find truck driving attractive is an opportunity to earn great money. Here are several ways that truck driver can earn even more money once they’ve entered the trucking industry.


CDL Endorsements – With endorsements truck drivers can drive specialized trucks or move cargo that might need special care.  It can also make you eligible for a higher rate. Endorsements have their special written and road driving testsoutside of the state CDL exam.  It’s include in it the following.

  • H Endorsement: required for vehicles containing hazardous materials.
  • N Endorsement: allows you to drive tank vehicles.
  • P Endorsement: permits you to operate a vehicle that carries over a specified number of passengers (varying by state).
  • S Endorsement: permits the operation of a school bus.
  • T Endorsement: allows you to tow a double or triple trailer.
  • X Endorsement: a combination endorsement for hazmat and tank vehicles.


Carrier Bonuses-  With this you can warn extra money through different kind of bonuses, like.

  • Safety:   Car Shipping Companies want safe drivers who can move materials without any damage, and they are ready to pay for it.  Long drives without accidents could lead to more money.
  • Fuel efficiency:  Cutting fuel where possible saves the company more money
  • Sign-on bonus: Car Shipping companies compete for new CDL truck drivers during the current driver shortage. One of the ways they attract new drivers is through sign-on bonuses, which could pay thousands of dollars just for signing up with their company.
  • Monthly mileage: Many companies will pay bonuses to drivers that hit a certain mileage amount within a month’s window.
  • Referrals:  Referring a friend or acquaintance to your trucking company could mean big rewards for you.
  • Clean DOT inspections:  The Department of Transportation checks to make sure commercial vehicles are operating efficiently and drivers are safe and responsible. Passing your required inspection could actually earn you more money.


New truck driving role- Switching truck driving roles could be a change of pay, too.

  • Solo OTR driver-  Truck drivers who drive solo over-the-road make up a major percentage of the trucking industry – and for good reason.
  • Team OTR driver-   Team drivers work in pairs and switch off taking duties driving while the other rests. This method of switching off allows the truck to move longer distances, which usually means more money.
  • Dedicated driver-  Truck drivers who make runs and deliveries for a single company are called dedicated drivers.
  • Truck driver trainer-  All the great experience you’ve earned while out on the road will stack up and allow you to apply to new trucking positions with a decent reputation if you’ve kept a clean record.
  • Owner-operator-  Owner-operators know the ins and out of trucking and run their own fleet of professional CDL truck drivers, signing contracts directly with companies.






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