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Night Versus Daylight Trucking. What Should be Your Strategy?

You are currently viewing Night Versus Daylight Trucking. What Should be Your Strategy?
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The decision to drive at nights or during the day depends on various factors, including truckers’ preferences as well as their pick-up and delivery agenda. The other very important factor is finding a parking. Let’s discuss all the factors more thoroughly and figure out what your tactic should be to daylight and nightlight driving.


  1. Trying to find a parking for the truck

One of the things that make truckers nervous is to revolve their schedule around finding a parking place. For example, if the trucker knows that he is going to park his truck at a park stop you can park at 5 p.m. But if you are going to be in a really busy area like, for example, Chicago or somewhere else consider parking at the customer. It will give you more flexibility in your agenda. So, if you know that you are going to park the truck in a busy area at night make sure scheduling your trip so that you will be able to park at your customer’s lot.


  1. Suppose To Keep A Flexible Agenda

We all have individual driving preferences, but there are some factors that take that out of our control. If you want to drive big miles you have to drive according to the agenda that the freight dictates. Suppose to do both daytime and nighttime driving.


  1. Don’t forget that Trucking Is Very Competitive

Most of the truckers prefer to drive an 8 to 6 schedule and only on bright, dry days. However, it doesn’t work that way. If you are a truck driver who wants to earn top paychecks you have to learn to drive in less than perfect conditions. Otherwise, you’re going to sit around at truck stops waiting on the easy freight while your colleges are driving long miles and getting paid.


  1. Traffic Is a Big Factor as well

Some of the worst cities for traffic are practically impossible to get around during peak hours. If you try going through Los Angeles or Atlanta or Washington D.C. during the daytime you’re going to be sitting around and wasting a plenty of time. In order to avoid the most congested cities at their busiest times, you should plan your trip.


  1. Your Body Needs Time To Adjust To an Irregular Timetable

Usually, people have a regular schedule of working days or nights. However, in tracking the work schedule is mixed by days and nights. It’s not easy to adjust to an ever-changing agenda like that. Don’t push yourself too hard in the beginning. Allow yourself time to adjust and be super careful not to push yourself too hard.


Recommendations for Staying Awake

  • Take short snoozes, they help a lot
  • Don’t make yourself to get too tired before sleeping
  • Avoid too much caffeine since it can make you crash too soon
  • Avoid large meals


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