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Nissan and Honda Express That They Do Not Want To Work Together

You are currently viewing Nissan and Honda Express That They Do Not Want To Work Together
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Tokyo, Japan – Auto giants Nissan and Honda are heavily expressing that they do not wish to work together in a merger put forth by the Japanese Government.

There seems to be a miscommunication on the island of Japan. While merging might seem like a good idea for governments to implement, industry leaders and businesses do not see the same picture.

For Nissan’s case, they already have a solid merger with Renault. In Honda’s case, they are the only auto maker who solely operates on their own. Neither company is looking to get involved in each others business.

“A Nissan-Honda merger would only make sense to people who do not understand the car industry,” said a former Nissan executive.

While Honda is working on its own, Nissan is looking to continue its growth with Renault.

Nissan And Honda Don’t Quite Fit

Another factor comes into play is the complete redesign that each manufacturer would have to endure before getting back up to speed post merging.

With almost all parts of both automakers being extremely different, the merger would create would almost certainly put everyone back to basics.

Now, this wouldn’t be for the entire company on either side. Lately, Toyota had a merger project with Subaru. This was to gain a foothold on more sportier vehicles from the Toyota brand.

The emergence of a completely redesigned Toyota 86 with all-wheel-drive capabilities is interesting. Other vehicles are expecting to come out of the merger shortly. While the 86 is only the first in the merger, both sides are heavily benefiting from joining forces.

Still, the thought of a Nissan/Honda merger is an interesting thought. Having a family sedan from Honda and mixing it with a sportier engine could turn heads, but that isn’t the route either want to take. Nissan is currently working on making sportier engines for their mid-size vehicles and developing better EV technology. Honda – on the other side, looks to create safer, more reliable vehicles.

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