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President Joe Biden’s Border Crisis is a National Emergency

You are currently viewing President Joe Biden’s Border Crisis is a National Emergency
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President Joe Biden, on his first day in office, had officially rescinded the proclamation thus declaring a national emergency at the Southern border. Then Biden cut off funding for the border wall. He went forth and proceeded to gut virtually all of the Trump-era policies to reduce illegal immigration. This would include the successful Remain in Mexico policy.

President Biden’s Reckless Actions Have Consequences

Moreover, the repercussions of Biden’s “see no evil” approach to the obvious chaos at the border has been predictable and disastrous. Unfortunately, the record numbers of illegal aliens from Central America and elsewhere are now rushing across the border. As a result, taking full advantage of the Democrat’s open-border policies.

President Biden Administration and Illegal Aliens

In fact, last month, Border Patrol agents caught more than 188,000 illegal aliens trying to sneak into our country. It is the biggest number in more than two decades. Thus, more than one million illegal aliens have come in this year. Supposedly, it is only those who are just the ones we do know about. Thousands may have snuck into the country undetected. Allegedly bringing untold amounts of deadly drugs like heroin and fentanyl that are killing our fellow Americans in record numbers.

Democrats Have the Power to Stop This Tragedy

Moreover, if the Democrats did want to end this escalating situation of illegal immigration and drugs, they could turn course now and call the dreadful situation what it really is: a national emergency. They could take matters into their own hands and build the border wall, obviously reinstate the border protections that thanks to the Trump administration were put in place, and then deport lawbreakers effectively.

Creating a Huge Amnesty Situation

Alas, the Democrats are apparently not doing anything to stop the crisis they have created. Instead, they are throwing fuel on the fire. Therefore, they are seemingly trying to force a huge amnesty through the Senate with a bare, partisan vote.

Liberal Priorities Abound!

Moreover, the Senate Democrats are, in fact, already plotting to approve $4.1 trillion in spending on liberal priorities via a reconciliation. In fact, this parliamentary process allows budget-related matters to bypass a filibuster. Then it becomes the law with only 50 votes. Now, in fact, they are trying to use this reckless spending package to grant legal status to millions of illegal aliens.

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