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Preventing Trucking Accidents – New & Experienced Drivers

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A Dangerous Profession

Big rig driving has been called one of the ten most dangerous professions in America today. With the dangers on the roads (even for drivers of other vehicles), this isn’t much of a surprise! Therefore, accident prevention and truck driving safety is a big concern in the industry. It is important to always be aware and alert and to do as much as possible to prevent accidents.

Accidents occur most often when trucks are making tight turns (and drivers of other vehicles are unaware of the blind spots), operating in narrow spaces or backing up. Many of these accidents occur due to drivers of other vehicles. However, truck drivers can help prevent these accidents by preparing for these issues and watching out for unaware drivers.

Safety Tips on the Road

Always check your blind spots or “no zones” and be aware of what you cannot see around your truck. Signaling is also important. Always signal your movements to other drivers and double (or triple) check before moving lanes or making turns. Parking and idling can also become issues due to other drivers not being aware. Make sure to not be idled for too long. When possible, try to park on side streets.

In terms of highway driving, it is important to follow all road signs and speed limits. Avoid unnecessary lane switches, tailgating, or excessive speeding or braking. While these are the same rules applicable to drivers of regular vehicles, the consequences can be much worse with trucks. This includes weather issues, as well. Truck drivers should pay more attention to bad weather; give yourself ample braking distance and always keep speeds lower on worse roads.

Every Driver Should Use Caution

It is not only new drivers that need to be alert when it comes to accident prevention. New drivers may be thought to cause more accidents, as they are still getting used to the feel of truck driving. However, overconfident experienced drivers may become more relaxed on the road, leading to lazier driving. This can lead to accidents. All drivers need to be aware of safety regulations and tips to help prevent accidents.

While some of this may sound obvious, it is important to remind yourself of these truck driving safety tips and prevention techniques, especially after getting used to the job. Every driver can make a conscious effort to prevent accidents and keep everyone safe on the road.

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