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Safety Tips for Truck Drivers Working on the Fourth of July

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This year, it is expected that over 46 million people will be traveling over 50 miles from their home on the Fourth of July, according to WalletHub. The roads are going to be busy, crowded, and filled with impatient people ready to get to their destination.


So, truckers must be aware of their surroundings at all times and be very careful while driving.


Here’s a list of some tips for safe traveling for truckers!


  • Stay cautious at all times. Truckers must always remain cautious at all times. However, during a big national holiday like the Fourth, they have to be extra careful since the number of accident risks are higher as well. It is also reported that drunk driving increases on holidays, especially the Fourth.


  • Maintain your speed. Truckers must always keep their eye on the road as well as drive according to the speed limit wherever they are. If a trucker is going faster than the rest of the traffic, they must slow down and stay with it. When passing through crowded areas with people, slow down and be careful. Especially if there are kids outside, be extra careful since they can sometimes run towards cars without being aware of the danger.


  • Keep the weather conditions in mind. No matter what the weather is, it can impact drivers, especially the ones driving long distance. In some areas, July is a month full of thunderstorms and heavy rainfall. Make sure to check on the weather at least a day ahead and the day of. If there are severe weather conditions on a specific route, try to find a better one. If the rainfall gets too heavy, pull over until it is safe to hit the road again.


  • Keep Hydrated. For the areas that are extremely hot, you must make sure you are fully hydrated to cool off from the draining sun. Make sure to have a water bottle with you, and make stops if necessary.


  • Be alert of your tires and brakes. Make sure your tires’ pressure is good for the road. Tires usually deflate easier in the heat, so make sure they are good to go! The same goes for your brakes. During the summertime, the heat can cause your brakes to fade and make it harder for your truck to come to a full stop. Make sure to check them before driving.


  • Lastly, have fun! Put on some good old American tunes and get in the holiday mood.


Happy Fourth of July from the Global Auto Transportation team!

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