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Scranton Pennsylvania

Scranton Pennsylvania SkylineMany fans of the NBC comedy “The Office” are surprised to find that the town The Office is located in is actually a real place. Although they filmed the show in California, Scranton, Pennsylvania, has adopted the show as a local landmark. You can even take The Office themed tours around the city. It stops at landmarks mentioned in the show. However, for those in the know, Scranton has a history that far precedes the popular TV show. It is known as the Electric City because it was one of the first cities to adopt electricity as well as the first towns to have an electric rail car. At one point in time, Scranton was a manufacturing town. Today, manufacturing is only one of the many industries that keep this town growing. Even for those that are out of the job market, Scranton is a great place to live. Scranton attracts retirees from all over because of its favorable tax breaks and low cost of living.

When you’re situated and comfortable in Scranton, there’s more to do than just take a tour. Car culture is a big deal in Scranton. There’s the Tracey’s Hope Car and Bike Show as well as the AICV Annual Car Show & Pig Roast. Do you not have a car to bring to the show? Get your dream car at one of the amazing car auctions right here in Scranton. The NEPA Auto Auction or the Castle Auto Auction are public car auctions that have everything from Corollas to Corvettes for pennies on the dollar.

Scranton Pennsylvania Auto Transport

Are you moving to Scranton to work or retire? You may need to ship your car while you’re at it. For over 16 years, Scranton residents have trusted Global Auto Transportation to ship their cars. GAT ships more vehicles than any other car shipping company. They can ship cars to any state in America as well as Puerto Rico.

So if you need to bring your classic car to the car show, or if you need to ship your car across the country for work, Global Auto Transportation is the place to call. They have door-to-door transport options that make shipping a car as easy as making a call.

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