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Senator Chuck Schumer Wants Capitol Rioters on a No-Fly List

You are currently viewing Senator Chuck Schumer Wants Capitol Rioters on a No-Fly List
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Senator Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader, on Tuesday did ask for authorities to add the Capitol Rioters to a national no-fly list. This would be to prevent more clashes at the January 20 inauguration and in the run-up.

Senator Chuck Schumer Spoke to FBI Director Christopher Wray

In a Tuesday press release, the New York Democrat he spoke with FBI Director Christopher Wray. This results in the “made [the] case for ‘no-fly’ inclusion.

Senator Chuck Schumer Press Conference

Chuck Schumer held a press conference today. “Demanding the feds place individuals who entered and stormed the U.S. Capitol just days ago, during an insurrection incited by President Donald Trump, on the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) ‘NO FLY’ list in order to contain possible future threats,” his office said in the release.

The many who stormed the capitol, Schumer said the ‘demonstrators’ — meet the criteria to be placed on the federal security list. This is as ‘threats to the homeland’ and adding these individuals to the list ahead of Jan. 20th, the inauguration. He feels this makes sense given ongoing threats of violence across online systems and the federal government’s own apprehension. Traveling from afar and some were later arrested in airports when they land – far from Washington.”

The FBI searches out members of the thousands-strong crowd of Trump supports who smashed into the Capitol. In fact, arrests are taking place across the country. This resulted in five deaths last Wednesday.

Protestor Interrupted Chuck Schumer’s Press Conference

A protester in the middle of incoming Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s press conference on a New York City street came to a stop.

CNN’s close captioning captured what the protestor said though the audio was inaudible shouting through a mask away from the camera.

The protestor yelled at Schumer as he supposedly awkwardly stared down at his podium. She said: “you racists socialists, you’re nothing but cowards.” I couldn’t agree more. As she yelled at him, at least two people stepped in between the protester and Schumer.

The Protestor Really Got Her Point Across!

“I actually got excited over it, that’s how much I loathe you,” the woman was yelling supposedly alluding to the riots at the Capitol. 

“That’s how much I’m glad over what they did. People do what they do. After all, you don’t care about us. We tried to protest peacefully,” the woman yelled as CNN pulled away from the scene. It’s true what she is saying is sadly and ironically true.

War Talk Rears its Ugly Head

The FBI warned of “war” at the Capitol the day before the Schumer was speaking. He also called Capitol rioters ‘domestic terrorists.” That a big stretch and more reason to try to censor and limit the rights of protestors.

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