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Shipping A Gift Out This Holiday Season? Here Are Some Tips To Help You Avoid The Hassle!

You are currently viewing Shipping A Gift Out This Holiday Season? Here Are Some Tips To Help You Avoid The Hassle!
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Be sure your gift arrives to its rightful owner safely this holiday season. Here are 10 tips that will help you avoid the craze of Holiday shipping.

  1. Picking the right gift is important. You should make sure the gift you pick is not only something the recipient will like but something that can be easily shipped. Even if the gift id packed thoroughly, it is always a better idea to purchase a gift that you know will survive the shipping process. Also, you should get informed about state restrictions on what can and cannot be shipped.
  2. It is important to ship your gift in a box that is in good condition. It is ideal to use a box that is new and sturdy. Having the box be a bit bigger than your gift is a good idea just so you can have room to add cushioning. A box that is of the wrong size is usually the reason why a gift is damaged. If a box even has a crease, it reduces the durability of the box by 70 percent.
  3. Cushioning is important, it is better to over cushion your package then to under package it. Products that are made from Polyethylene or Polyvorethane are pricier but worth the extra pay because basic cushion which is made from Polystryene can only survive one impact.
  4. It is important to pack your gift correctly. It is recommended to use at least one inch of cushioning around the item to fill in the air spaces. If packed correctly, there should be very little movement when the package is shaken. Generally, packing your gift with newspaper is not recommended. Newspaper is not a good packing material because it may flatten while in process of shipment.
  5. The post office, UPS, and FedEx have certain deadlines in order to have your package received before Christmas. The deadline for Budget shipping at the post office is December 20 and FedEx is December 19 when using express saver. Deadlines for Moderate shipping option include December 21st at all three locations when selecting priority mail, 2nd day air, and 2nd day shipping. For last minute sender, at the post office and UPS the last day to send out a package is December 23 using either priority express or next day air. At Fedex, you can ship on the 25th of December by using same day shipping.
  6. Flat rate boxes are a great way to save money. They come in all shapes and sizes. They are ideal for gifts that are small but heavy.
  7. When shipping a weirdly shaped item or if you are not sure how to pack correctly, you can go to a shipping expert for assistance. It may come as an extra cost but if FedEx or UPS packs your package for you; your package becomes automatically protected from loss or damage.
  8. Always consider the possibility of your package becoming lost or damages because the chances are high that it might be. You should talk to your shipping service about insurance or a declared value option. When using priority mail at the post office, a $100 dollar insurance package is included, for an additional fee you may declare a higher value for your package. FedEx does not offer insurance but you may pay extra to declare a certain value on your shipment. At UPS, the liability for a lost or damaged package is limited to a $100 unless the customer declares a higher value for the package, the most they can declare is 50,000.
  9. Bargain hunting for shipping deals may be a smart idea. You will be able to find the same service at a better price. Especially during the holiday season it is important to save. You can compare prices between all three servicers by using a cost estimator tool which is available online.
  10. In order to avoid extra hassle, avoid missing packages when they get delivered. If a package is missed more than once the recipient will have to go pick it up.


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