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Soft Side Enclosed Car Transport

Transporting your high-end Maserati, Ferrari, Fisker or Tesla is no easy task. But when you work with us, we make it out like it’s a breeze. Speaking of breeze, the air is the only thing that could flow freely through a soft-side enclosed trailer. But nothing else.

This is thanks to our long rollable-covers. They enable the trailer to protect the cars strapped inside without presenting any sort of damage by the means of any other weather. As if we need to worry about that with our skilled drivers at the helm.

Furthermore, our soft-side enclosed trailer option is great for ventilation. Consider this when you have an auto that may need oxidation after being put through a car wash, or maybe a new coat of polish. The point is, our soft-side enclosed car transport is a very useful option when needing to protect multiple vehicles without getting a scratch.

Do consider that we also offer hard-side enclosed car transport and hotshot enclosed auto shipping as alternatives. This is in case the purposes behind shipping your vintage, retro or sports car may differ from the ones presented so far.

Bring your high-end vehicles to our soft-side enclosed carriers, and we can assure you that we’ll have your trip, literally covered, the whole route through. That’s just what we can offer, being a family company who have seen many vehicles come and go.

Sometimes, you have to spend more money to make more money. And if you were to, say, bring these vehicles to auction them off, you would certainly not want them to face any danger, would you?

In case you have an exotic import or an exclusive hot-rod to transport throughout the United States, we have a soft-side enclosed trailer. With tarps on either side and plenty of space, you can load as many vehicles as you want on the trailer without worrying about thieves.

Just make sure these are vehicles that you’ve paid top-dollar for, as enclosed car transport may cost you a higher sum than open car transport. The reason being is that we take pride in soft-side enclosed transport. Our level of dedication is through the roof to preserve and deliver your new vehicle right to your garage.

These tarps serve a useful purpose for our truck drivers to double and triple-check that each wheel is properly clung to the base of the carrier. This will be for your benefit as we secure and maintain your car from imminent danger. An amazing option if you’re delivering a collection of high-end vehicles to your preferred destination, you won’t want to miss out on soft-side enclosed shipping.

Because how else will you bring your car to a new home? Will you drive it? Not if it’s too far away. That may lessen the value. These are factors you may have to consider when choosing your preferred enclosed vehicle shipping.

When you’re ready to start shipping, call us at (888) 803-0501 for additional information — we have the answers to all your questions regarding Soft-Side Enclosed Vehicle Transport!