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Subsidies For Electric Cars Result In Renaults For Free

You are currently viewing Subsidies For Electric Cars Result In Renaults For Free
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Germany – Subsidies are currently helping boost auto sales for the country. With the automotive industry currently taking a large hit due to COVID-19, the country is offering better incentives to keep the ball rolling.

The concept is the result of Germany allowing Koenig, one of the largest car manufacturers in Germany to lese the new Renault Zoe for next to nothing.

Since these have been in place, the Germany auto market has become one of the largest electric vehicle sellers in the world.

The country has been on the fast track to introducing electric vehicles to the public. Since the debut of more affordable Tesla’s, the country has been creative massive incentive packages for those looking to buy new cars.

This is resulting in the country utilizing renewable energy throughout the public.

Germany isn’t the only one looking to make the drastic change. With their neighbor, Norway looking to have all auto sales become EV by 2025 – that puts a lot to work in the next coming years.

Norway is known for having one of the most effective recycling method on the planet. Having used all its resources to generate more power to the public, the country is looking to makes its carbon footprint absolute zero.

It is working so well, that they have used up all their trash. This is creating incentive for other countries to donate their trash to the peninsula.

Subsidies Help Boost The Economy

Germany is looking to make big moves for both the public and the automotive industry. With COVID-129 still moving through the world, many auto-sales have been in a nose-dive.

In America, its been a live-and-let-die scenario. While many auto-makers are currently fighting for a slot as top-dog, others are drifting. Tesla is currently fighting against rival company, Nikola for the electric semi industry. On the other side, GM is set to dominate the commercial vehicle side of things.

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