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The Freightliner M2 112 Can Do Whatever You Need It To

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When you hear “Freightliner,” what words come to your mind? Power… Reliability… Strength… Durability and others? The list can go on and if I could I certainly would write a book about all it’s synonyms but truly and honestly, the most incredible thing about Freightliner is how unsuspectingly fierce it’s models are.

Take a look at the M2 112 for example. This truck is only a class 7-slash-8 and yet it can handle even more than it’s weight? With 260 to 505 horsepower, of course the torque is about 720 to 1850 lb.-ft! The recommended engine to get is the Detroit® DD13®.

The DD13 comes with 2,487 pounds of inline 6-cylinder relentlessness. Found in other trucks like the On-Highway Cascadia model and the Severe Duty 114SD, the DD13 does the job and does it nicely.

Getting back to the Freightliner of the Hour…

This truck is available with a wide 2,500 square-inch windshield tint and an aerodynamic hood to pick up the pace. Simultaneously, the M2 112 also allows for more room and space to step in, reach the dashboard and see beyond the drive ahead. There are loads f optional such as a SmartPlex® Electrical System, 58k lb. rear axles and even a wing dash to make your inner workings more ergonomically designed for comfort in your vehicle. It can be used as a truck, tractor or truck with various trailer configurations.

This is the type of truck you could do some real good with. It comes well-equipped to handle any job that you see out there. The Freightliner brand is full of integrity and so you can trust that this model will also last you long enough to entrust this truck to future generations. They’ll thank you for it.

What’s there not to love about this model? Maybe just the fact that you haven’t got it… yet.

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