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The Top 5 Most and Bottom 5 Least Efficient Automakers

You are currently viewing The Top 5 Most and Bottom 5 Least Efficient Automakers
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 The Best:

  • Average 29.2 Miles Per Gallon
  • Mazda makes full use of its fuel saving technologies
Honda and Acura
  • Average 28.9 Miles Per Gallon
  • Had the largest overall improvement in fuel economy with an increase of 1.6 mpg.
  • Average 28.3 Miles Per Gallon
  • Subaru models mostly come in all wheel drive, which adds weight. This is why the fuel economy is pretty impressive.

Nissan and Infiniti

  • These manufacturers had the 2nd largest improvement in regards to fuel economy with an increase of 1.3 Miles Per Gallon
  • Average 28.3 Miles Per Gallon


  • Average 27.8 Miles Per Gallon
  • Hyundai beat out its sister company Kia by 1.5 miles per gallon with Kia being at 26.3 miles per gallon.

The Worst:

FCA (Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, and Ram)

  • Average 21.8 Miles Per Gallon
  • One of the companies with the largest fuel improvement at 1.0 miles per gallon and it reduced its greenhouse gas emissions more than any other company.

GM (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC)

  • The fuel efficiency of the General Motors line was maintained but the production increased causing a drop in the average fuel efficiency.

One of the only two companies listed that witnessed a drastic drop in its average fuel economy.

Ford and Lincoln

  • These companies saw a minor improvement of 0.2 percent and scored third to last with an average mpg of 23.0.

Mercedes Benz

  • Mercedes Benz saw an increase 0.3 bringing their average miles per gallon to 23.5, which is 2.8 miles per gallon less than its competitor BMW.


  • Average fuel economy dropped 0.4 miles per gallon to 25.2 miles per gallon, which is surprising because they are the manufacturers of Prius.
  • Since production increased, even though the average fuel economy increased there was a drop in the average mpg.

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