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Top Fuel Saving Ways For Trucks

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Being a trucker means always being on the road, which also means having to make several stops to fill up the diesel tank. Being economical about fuel will help save money, reduce oil dependence costs and increase energy sustainability. Here are the things you can do to save fuel.


1.Keep Your Vehicle Clean 

With dirty exterior a truck actually uses more fuel. A dirty air filter can cost you as much as 7 percent in your fuel mileage. Washing your car regularly can actually increase you miles per hour and save some extra money.



2.  Cruise Control

Some fuel economy tips are related to how and where you drive your vehicle. Driving within the posted speed limits, avoiding unnecessary idling, using cruise control wherever possible and preventing sudden stops and starts can all help you improve fuel economy.  If you are using cruise control, it can help you save your fuel economy by giving your diesel tank an extra 6% boost.


3. Fill Up in The Morning 

If you can, try to make fill up your vehicle with gas early in the morning.  The ground is the coolest in the morning, meaning the diesel fuel is denser. Buying fuel later in the day is not as beneficial, because it will be warmer and that means less fuel for your money.


4. Don’t Idle

Don’t sit in a drive-through line if you are in a pickup with a gasoline engine, however, diesels don’t use nearly as much fuel when idling. But if you are idling for less than a minute it probably doesn’t matter.


6. Use an APP

There are apps that are helpful for truck drivers to have on their phones. That Apps know where you are and where the cheapest fuel is. On Friday, Saturday and and Sunday prices are the highest, so don’t buy fuel on these days.


7.  Use your GPS

Follow the blue line to find the quickest way around traffic or through busy towns and cities. Less traffic means less idling and better fuel economy.


8. Get a Bigger Tank

Since you’re driving a pickup truck you are lucky because you can add an aftermarket fuel tank to hold a whole lot more of the precious “go juice.” When you find fuel at a particularly attractive price, buy a lot of it and save money over the course of the full tank.


Follow these fuel saving tips and you will not waste your time and money!



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