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Truck Fuel Usage Data Is Not Always Accurate

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It is common to think that technologies are reliable enough to trust them with accuracy. The same goes to a truck’s engine computer that we get the data from to analyze fuel economy. But as it turns out, this technology might be not the most accurate tool for this purpose. It has been demonstrated in research by a non-profit group for the North America trucking industry.


Performance Innovation Transport Group conducted a study to compare data accuracy between engine manufacturers and among engines from the same manufacturer. They compared the engine date from fourteen different vehicles with engines from four different manufacturers. The study showed that engine EMCs showed different levels of accuracy showing fuel consumption. That means that the date from EMC should be used cautiously when analyzing fuel saving.


It is important to be able to measure fuel consumption precisely to write vehicle specifications and set maintenance practice. It is also essential for drivers training and their knowledge how to operate a vehicle in a way that helps save the fuel.


Performance Innovation Transport Group was founded in 2008 to help fleet managers choose the best technologies that are good both for the budget and environment. It also helps manufacturers analyze and evaluate prototypes.

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  1. Jose

    Yes. Many factors affect the accuracy of the ECM fuel efficiency data and it requires adjustment to the OEM’s calibrations to maintain this accuracy.

  2. Chuck

    I never trust the accuracy of the my ECM. When I first got the truck I used to track it manually. Now I just sort of wing it. Probably not the best way to do it…

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