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U.S. Troops Won’t be Required to Take the Corona Virus Vaccine

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The U.S. troops in the military will not have to take the COVID-19 vaccine when it comes available. The Pentagon said when the vaccine becomes available through a new trial plan on Wednesday. However, this could change if the Food and Drug Administration moves beyond emergency approval. It presently allows for the first distribution of the vaccine.

U.S. Troops Don’t Have to Take the Shot!

It is voluntary for everyone, said Army Lt. Gen. Ronald Place, Chief of the Defense Health Agency. He told reporters at a press conference at the Pentagon. There is no ifs, ands or buts about it. Again, it’s voluntary for everyone.”

The Public has Doubts about Being Treated for COVID-19

Persisting throughout the spread of the pandemic, the public is more reticent in a vaccine to treat the Corona Virus. In fact, two-thirds major of Americans right now say they would take the vaccine. It is up only half in September. Pew Research Center said in a poll released last week.

Public Relations for the Vaccine is Strong, Great Spin Made

“The safety profile for the vaccine is very good. In fact, the risk of these vaccines from what we know is a lot less than the risk from the actual disease process of COVID-19,” Place said. Well, that remains to be seen.

U.S. Troops: Nothing is Set in Stone as to Whether the Immunizations Retain Their Voluntary Status

As time goes on, the voluntary status of the immunizations could change as time goes on. Moreover, this is according to Defense Department spokesman Jonathan Hoffman. He was speaking alongside Place and Thomas McCaffery. He is the assistant secretary of defense for health affairs. If the FDA fully licenses a vaccine, “at that point voluntariness may change to mandatory,” Hoffman said. “It could be a possibility in the future.”

High-Priority Recipients Within the Defense Department

On Wednesday, officials have said that the military will get 44,000 preliminary doses of the Pfizer Corona Virus vaccine. They will begin giving them out to high-priority recipients. Those are currently or previously within the Defense Department. However, it will be a test for a more extensive vaccination program in the future.

It’s been reported that military planners will give out the first round of vaccines to certain service members and their families, retirees, and certain civilians and contractors within the department. This will be through more than a dozen hubs across the country and world.

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