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United States of America Freezes Over With Colder Temperatures

You are currently viewing United States of America Freezes Over With Colder Temperatures
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The U.S.A. is suffering from significant chills this winter, due to a literal world of climate change. It’s very bizarre given that the rest of the Earth is warming up way too easily. From the whole range of global temperatures, it seems like everywhere else—from the Arctic to South America—are all entirely warm, given the raise in heat by about a dozen degrees Fahrenheit, which is also seen as much warmer than the average that happened in the late 20th-century. Of course, the color temperatures show in different shades and would likely be indicative that the climate is always changing.

For instance, the blue-purple type of patches show just how cold it is in North Dakota, where it had reached about negative seventy degrees Fahrenheit. All while the heat index in Miami had displayed about 160 degrees more warm at 92.

In the interim, all the temperature records had fallen overnight in Curacao and Aruba.

The weather itself was much warmer in certain areas of the Southern Hemisphere, while also showing up in the Northern Hemisphere, during the Winter. Oman up North had the warmest January night at 79.5 degrees Fahrenheit, which is also seen as 26.4 degrees Celsius. Even in Argentina, there was a record for the warmest January night at 81.1 degrees Fahrenheit.

Overall, there’s no rhyme or reason to how the Earth’s temperature has evolved. All because of what has occurred in the Arctic where it would get twice as warm as it was in the remaining aspects of the planet.

As the cold invades, Americans know it all too well, just because the polar vortex itself approaches. That’s when the iciness of the season happens at an even more frequent rate, according to the Atmospheric Environmental Research facility, being a commercial firm found right outside of Boston. It usually stay strong over the top of the planet, while it stays captive to the strong winds that surround it.

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