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What’s new with Rivian?

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CEO and founder of Rivian, RJ Scaringe, has big plans for the EV start-up company.

The company’s first vehicles were introduced at the LA Auto Show last month. The vehicles were the all-electric pickup truck, as well as the seven-seater SUV. These are known as the R1T and R1S. At that time, Scaringe made some big announcements about future plans. Some of this includes new battery technology. He also hinted about an electric jet-ski.

So far, the company has been full of big promises and claims. The new battery technology? An artificial intelligence charging system, which is supposed to last three times that of a traditional one.

The AI will essentially watch how new drivers of the vehicles drive and charge their cars. After deciphering these patterns of behavior, it will adjust to maximize the battery life. As Scaringe said: “We don’t make dramatic adjustments over time. We do this slowly as we learn more about you.”

An Array of AI Vehicles

These AI batteries could then be used for future projects, such as the jet-ski. Snowmobiles and tractors might make the list soon, too. Scaringe discussed this at a recent Economic Development Council meeting.  He stated: “A significant part of our business is leveraging the technology we built around batteries and battery control systems to help electrify the things that move on our planet.”

And, more vehicle models are in the works. Rivian has reserved the vehicle names R1A, R1C, R2A, R2C, R2R, and R2S, in addition to the other vehicles introduced in LA. They may also use similar technology to build a skateboard-like vehicle.

Time will tell how far the company will go with these plans. Scaringe is very ambitious about the company and the new vehicles. This is certainly increasing hype and promotional value. But, will the vehicles live up to the hype? Does Revian have enough money to deliver on these promises?

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