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Why Do Drivers Have To Annoy Truckers?

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One of challenges a truck driver has to deal with on a daily basis is auto drivers who purposefully try to annoy truckers when they see them on the road. Without a doubt, having to face this kind of attitude every day is stressful and can make a truck driver feel like he or she is drained both physically and emotionally.


There are many situations truckers find themselves in. Sometimes at the traffic lights drivers are slow on purpose. A big rig driver approaches the traffic light slow in order not to come to a complete stop. As the traffic light changes, the auto driver starts and then hits the brakes. The big rig has to make a hard stop, while the motorist drives away feeling great about himself.


Or when moving up the hill a motorist suddenly slows down and the truck driver loses his forward momentum.


When a driver jumps in front of the truck and makes him slow down, it is not just the big rig that is caused problems. The vehicle behind him have to go slower too and often drivers get upset with the truck driver like if it is completely his fault.


Another typical situation is when a big rig is about to change lanes to pass a slower car, the car starts going fast preventing the truck from completing the maneuver. Or when a driver is careless and doesn’t pay much attention entering a highway. He misses an opportunity to enter the lane when some other driver allows him to and as a result ends up behind the truck. To show how angry he is, the motorist speeds up to be ahead of the big truck.


All of this behavior can result in a serious accident.


What drivers should remember is that truck drivers are professionals who were trained to do their job. They do everything they can to keep the road and the vehicles around safe. So anyone who drives next to a big rig or has to go slow behind it need to remember that there are many situations a truck driver can be dealing with that make him do what he does. It is better to help him keep the roads safe instead of creating conditions perfect for an accident.

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  1. Kimberly

    Wow I didn’t realize that auto drivers were so mean to truck drivers! I can’t stand seeing cars change lanes, in heavy traffic, right in front of a semi truck. They end up slamming on their brakes and not giving the truck enough time to stop. I’ve witnessed so many close calls for the auto drivers. Do not not realize that they are putting their lives in danger by doing this!? I always make sure there is plenty of space between the truck and my car if I’m changing lanes in front of a large truck.

    1. Mark

      Thank you so much Kimberly. That is so much appreciated.

  2. librarylady

    My Dad was a truck driver, and he used to talk about experiences like this. I can’t imagine why anyone would mess with a semi, especially when your own vehicle is usually so much smaller. If your stupidity causes an accident, you’ll be the one squashed like a bug, not the trucker. People never cease to amaze me.

  3. Jenna

    Yikes, something to consider. Most of the issues on the road anyway are caused by miscommunication. Perhaps a driver has some preconceived notions about truck drivers and acts a certain way because of that experience. Perhaps also they are perceiving the trucker acting like a jerk and reciprocating. Is it right? No, but at the end of the day it’s better if everyone would just mind their own business and drive safe!

  4. Mathew T. Barnes

    As a non-truck driver, I also agree. I make sure I am predictable. I was giving a friend a ride once and he kept giving me last second directions causing me to do wildly unpredictable things and he couldn’t understand why I was so angry at the end of the ride. He at one time admitted he had been in over half a dozen accidents himself while driving, it’s pretty obvious why.

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