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What Will Get Your Commercial Drivers License Disqualified? What Happens After Disqualification?

You are currently viewing What Will Get Your Commercial Drivers License Disqualified? What Happens After Disqualification?
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In order to drive a truck, one needs to be in possession of a CDL or a Commercial Driver License. A CDL is proof of your certification and competence in regards to being a professional truck driver who operates specific commercial motor vehicle which requires special skills and knowledge.
Following the law in order to maintain your CDL is very important. The greatest disadvantage that can be presented to a person, who drives a truck for a living, is the revocation of his or her CDL. It is important to know and understand the specifics of how your CDL can be revoked, due to the fact that disqualifications are very common.



Major or Sever Offenses:
– Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs and not allowing testing for alcohol or substances, which is required under state laws.
– Leaving when being involved in an accident, also known as a hit and run.
– Driving a motor vehicle while having your blood alcohol level of 0.04% and above.
– Involving your motor vehicle in a felony you are committing or have committed


Offenses Specific to Commercial Motor Vehicles:
– Driving a commercial motor vehicle with a revoked, suspended, or disqualified license.
– Driving a commercial motor vehicle without having it in your possession
– Becoming cause of an accident or fatality through reckless operation of a commercial motor vehicle.
– Maneuvering a commercial motor vehicle without having the needed CDL Class for the vehicle type, passengers, or cargo type.


Traffic Offenses:
– Speeding (15mph over speed limit)
– Negligent driving
– Lane swerving
– Tailgating
– Reckless lane changing
– Violating laws while driving a motor vehicle that was involved in a fatal accident.
– Using a cellular device when driving.


– If you become disqualified, in terms to your CDL, you have the possibility of getting your commercial drivers license reinstated. Several factors determine the length of your penalty.
– Having any prior convictions of penalties that played a role in getting your CDL disqualified.
– The presence of hazardous materials, at the time of the charge
– First offenders have a shorter penalty time, as long as they do not engage in any other activity which can result is a suspended or disqualified CDL.
– Most offenses have a penalty date of 60 and 120 days.
– For a major offense you may be disqualified from holding a commercial driver license for life.

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