At Least 25 Injured In Maryland Bus Crush

After a charter bus filled with children overturned in Havre de Grace, Md.,  at least 25 people were hurt,  emergency workers said. Havre de Grace is about 40 miles northeast of Baltimore, along the Susquehanna River.   The crash took place around 9:30 a.m. It closed all lanes of I-95 in both directions, the Maryland Transportation Authority […]

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Gunman Opens Fire In Nursing Home After Shooting Officer

Authorities say a police officer was wounded during reports of a shooting at an Ohio nursing home.  Reports of the shooting at the Pine Kirk Care Center in Kirkersville came around 7:30 a.m.  The village is about 24 miles east of Columbus.   Ohio State Highway Patrol Lt. Robert Sellers says Friday that the situation […]

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Kenworth Plans to Build Class 8 Hydrogen Fuel Cell and CNG-Electric Hybrid Drayage Trucks

Truck builder Kenworth company announced on Tuesday that they are jumping into the hydrogen fuel cell race with a Class 8 drayage truck, which is expected to launch by the end of this year. Such trucks are used to move around shipping containers to the distribution centers and at ports. During the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo, which […]

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Truck Crashes Into Fullerton Apartment… Some Residents Transported To A Hospital

Sunday morning a truck slammed into an apartment in Fullerton, and multiple people were taken to the hospital.   The accident happened at 6 a.m. in the 650 block of Imperial Highway when the truck suddenly changed its direction. According to a police the driver of the tractor-trailer was traveling within the speed limit before […]

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The First All Electric Flying Car Takes Flight… See The Video Here

Our vision of the modern world with flying electric cars has come closer to becoming a reality. The prototype two-seater Lilium Jet, a compact and lightweight electric plane capable of vertical take off and landing, completed an unmanned test earlier this month. The egg-shaped aircraft can be turned on from a wall socked and could even […]

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“Facebook Killer” Brings An End To His Hunt By Committing Suicide… More Details Here!

The “Facebook Killer”, the man that started a multi-state manhunt, also known as Steve Stephens, killed himself Tuesday Morning in Pennsylvania.   First off, who is Steve Stephens, ya we titled him as the so called “Facebook Killer”, but why?   The “Facebook Killer” was being hunted for videotaping himself shooting Robert Godwin, a 74-year-old […]

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Knight and Swift Transportation Join Together To Form Trucking Giant

Knight Transportation and Swift Transportation Company, two American trucking companies, are planning to combine in an all-stock deal as they seek scale amid pricing pressure in the trucking sector. Knight and Swift will operate under a single holding company if the deal goes through, but they will maintain different brands and operations. The joint firm, which will […]

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Trump (Hearts) Trucks … A Sight To See President Trump Takes a Jump Into A Semi Truck! Watch The Video Here!

The internet cannot stop raging about President Donald Trump playing in a 18 wheeler semi-truck. I (heart) Trucks day at the White House went pretty great. Donald Trump met with truckers at the White House on Thursday, and they let him get behind the wheel of one of the big rigs himself. The Semi-Truck was […]

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The Largest Relocation of Airlines In History Happening At LAX… The Second Busiest Airport In The Nation

Delta Air Lines has a new goal to minimize disruptions to travelers at Los Angeles International Airport between May 12-16. This is when the carrier will change terminals at the airport.No major US airport has ever seen a move of this sort. In order to accommodate Delta’s move from Terminals 5 and 6 to Terminals 2 and […]

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US Unemployment Rate Goes Down Thanks To 235,000 New Jobs… What Else Changed Because Of This?

A whopping 235,000 jobs were added by the US Economy in February, according to government data released Friday morning. This information surpassed the expectations of economists. Its also most likely cleared the way for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates this month. Due to this recent addition, the unemployment rate went down to 4.7 […]

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Nearly 200,000 Residents Evacuated From Northern California

Horror is still stirring in Northern California even as the water levels at the Oroville Dam have begun to fall. Officials ordered nearly 200,000 residents to evacuate because the country’s tallest dam posted a threat in releasing wild floodwaters downstream.   The spillage coming from the dam has seized in result to, lowering the water levels. […]

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Semi-Truck Crashes Into Restaurant Leaving Two Frightened Employees, One Confused Driver, and A Wrecked Eatery

One Semi-Truck, one confused driver, and a wrecked restaurant basically sums up the events of Monday Morning in Monck Corner. A semi-truck crashed into the side of Huddle House restaurant on Monday near 1:40 am. The crash frightened the employees greatly but they were unharmed. They were struck by some debris but nothing major has […]

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A New Partnership Is Brewing Between Ford and Amazon… Could It Be The Next Best Thing In Car Technology?

An interesting partnership is brewing. Ford and Amazon are teaming up to bring something interesting into cars. Amazon’s popular product Alexa will now be placed into the new Ford Sync 3. Starting at the end of this month, people will have the ability to control their vehicles from inside their homes by speaking to their […]

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Over 6,000 Commercial Vehicle Drivers Being Forced To Re-Qualify For Medical Examiner’s Certificates… Find Out Why!!

More than 6,600 drivers have been sent out a 30 day notice to re-qualify for a Medical Examiner’s Certificate from a medical examiner that has valid certification on the national registry of certified medical examiners. Dr. Anthony Lefteris is a chiropractor that is being charged with forging documents and results in regards to the medical […]

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Diesel Prices Gone Up… AGAIN!

Heads up America, Diesel has gone up today. Energy Information Administration (EIA) of the U.S. Department of Energy reports that this week we are at $2.389 a gallon based on the national on high-way average which is an increase from last week’s $2.382. Last year this time, prices were up 10.3 cents which is more […]

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speed limit

Truck Drivers Not Happy With Proposed Rule On Speed Limit Devices

The Department of Transportation proposed a new rule that would require heavy trucks to be equipped with speed limit devices on Sep. 7 and have been seeking public comment from the trucking industry since. Around 2,000 comments have already been submitted.   The proposed speed limit has not been specified and can be either 60, 65 or […]

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brake safety week

Brake Safety Week Scheduled For September

This year’s annual Brake Safety Week conducted by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance in partnership with FMCSA is scheduled for September, 11-17. During the week, inspectors all across North America will be checking commercial vehicles to look for anti-lock braking system and brake system violations, as well as out of adjustment brakes.   According to […]

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Diesel And Gas Prices Go Up

The average diesel price has risen to $2.431 with an increase of 2.4 cents, according to the Department of Energy. At the same time, the unsteady price of crude oil went below $50 per barrel.   Last week it was the 16th time the diesel price went up in 17 weeks but it is still […]

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hours of service

New Bill Could Change Hours of Service Rules For Truckers

Hours of service rules for truck drivers could be changed if the House passes a transportation funding bill and the President signs it. The bill has already been passed by the U.S. Senate.   There are two ways the hours can be changed and they depend on a pending FMSCA study that has been in […]

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truck drivers

New Weigh Station To Make Truck Drivers Follow Weight Rules

A grant of $1 million dollars was given to the Arkansas Highway Department to build a virtual weigh station on Highway 64. The station will be located between Van Buren and Alma. Highways officials believe that some truck drivers use the highway to avoid the weigh station on I-40. Drivers that come from Oklahoma use the […]

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E-Logs Are Good For Business As Well As For Drivers

Electronic driver logs, also called E-Logs, are expected to become a great tool in trucking business and help establish team work between drivers and their managers, as well as improve business hours compliance.   The rule for mandatory use of E-logs that was published by FMCSA in December requires that all interstate carriers start recording […]

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The New FMSCA Registration System For Truck Companies

On the Dec. 12, 2015, the FMSCA launched a new online registration system for freight forwarders, truck and bus companies, brokers, and cargo tank inspection, manufacturing and repair facilities. The new simple unified system is used by new applicants for USDOT registration. It will become fully active in 2016.   The URS (the Unified Registration […]

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Student Artists Contest To Keep Drivers Safe And Buckled Up

Young artists can now submit their works for annual student art contest. The contest is called “Be Ready. Be Buckled” and its goal is to keep commercial vehicles drivers aware of the danger of driving without buckling up.   According to the information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 2013 there were about 275 […]

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Lanes Reopened After an 18-Wheeler Accident On the Columbia Road

Both lanes have been reopened after an 18-wheeler was leaking fuel on the Columbia Road by Range Road, according to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.   The accident happened about 6 AM in the morning. The police reports that truck was not overturned but still was involved in one vehicle accident. The truck was going […]

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